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Valentine’s Party Recap

This past week I hosted our small playgroup for Valentine’s Day. It was so much fun making the food and setting up the dessert table & photo booth for the kids. Needless to say all the sweets were the first to go and there were about 10 three year olds on one hell of a sugar high. I always say to people, “when in doubt, dip it in chocolate and add sprinkles” which is primarily what I focused on. The oreos, pretzel rods and wafers were store bought and then dipped in melted chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Depending on how many you make it can be very time consuming however it results in a festive holiday treat. I love that you can customize the chocolate and sprinkles for whatever holiday season. This was my first time making rice krispy treats and I don’t know why I always felt so intimated by home made ones (there are only three ingredients by the way). After they set up I cut them out with a heart shaped cookie cutter and, you guessed it, drizzled chocolate and sprinkles on top. There couldn’t be all these yummy sweets without something for the kids to wash them down with so I went with whole milk in miniature milk bottles with a sprinkle rim and donut on top (by far my favorite on the dessert table). This was such an easy and fun party to host and my love for hearts, red and pink made it that more enjoyable. The kids loved the photo props and by the end of the party the big red heart balloon was being used as a huge medicine ball by all the boys. I would say this party was a success, even with a sugar coma that lasted two days 🙂
Happy almost Valentine’s Day, friends!

Five Things Friday: Pink Love

Happy Friday! We are so ready for the weekend and I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is Sunday! We have two birthday parties tomorrow and then my husband and I will hopefully find some time to ourselves on Sunday. In honor of the holiday weekend, I am sharing a few of my latest pink obsessions. I’m loving all the lace up flats I’ve been seeing and a light blush color is perfect for spring. I’m also pretty sure I need those sunglasses (hint hint hubby). I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend! What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? 

Easy Valentine’s

This year Henry is way more into giving out Valentine’s cards than he was last year. We went to Target and Hobby Lobby, just the two of us, and he picked out his box and cards to give to his friends. (He chose Paw Patrol of course). The box came blank with a cut out already for cards from Hobby Lobby. It was much easier than last year when apparently I didn’t know these existed. Henry loved decorating with assorted stickers and he told me where to place the letters and I glued them on. We will be using this for his school and playgroup parties.
We made two sets of Valentine’s since he is going to two parties this week. For his classmates we assembled boy and girl bags. Everything came from Target, of course, and included sunglasses, stickers, tattoos, coloring pads and crayons. I am a party bag hoarder so I had all the bags already. The berry baskets are from my favorite online store, Shop Sweet Lulu.

For his playgroup we did something similar and separated boys and girls. The boys and girls got the same goodies as his classmates. Henry loved stuffing all the goody bags for his friends and was so excited. He would say all their names afterwards with such a big smile on his face. “This one is for my best friend Roman!” and “This one is for my best buddy Gavin!”

My mommy friends are each getting the sugar scrub I made last week. I added a little gift tag from the Target dollar spot.

Henry’s teacher also got the sugar scrub, some pencils, candy, tissues and a teacher emergency kit.
Henry is at such a fun age this year and he is really getting into all the holidays.

For a trip down memory lane, you can see our Valentine’s happenings from 2015 & 2014. Tomorrow I will be in baking mode getting ready for our small playgroup party Thursday afternoon. Calories don’t count on holidays, right?


Valentine’s Style

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away I’m taking full advantage of all things red and pink. Evelyn has a few Valentine’s rompers and dresses which are cute but I love putting together a unique outfit for holidays and special occasions. Instagram is my go to place for finding the best handmade small shops. There are so many unique options available and there is something for everyone. Two shops I am loving right now are Glitter + Wit and Little Scouts Co. You know I’ve always been a fan of graphic t’s for Henry and LSC has a ton of fun ones to choose from. How cute is this cat’s meow shirt? Aside from the cutest socks I’ve ever seen, Glitter + Wit also makes adorable crowns and clothing. I can’t wait to add some of these to Evie’s dress up collection. Now for your daily dose of chubby baby legs in knee high socks!
 I purchased matching converse for her and Henry to wear because who says brother and sister can’t twin sometimes? Converse is a staple for Henry and is pretty much all he wears as his everyday shoe. They are my most recommended boy item to new moms of boys.
Henry’s socks // shoes
Check back tomorrow for some easy, kid approved Valentine’s! I hope everyone has a great week!

Valentine’s Day Sugar Scrub

Today I’m sharing a super easy and quick Valentine’s Day sugar scrub. These are great for teacher favors, grandparents and in my case, mommy friends. I love the invigorating smell of the peppermint essential oil which is perfect to give you a jump start while taking your morning shower (even if you only get 5 minutes before the baby starts crying). I cannot wait to try this when the kids go down for nap today!
1 cup Organic Cane Sugar
1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil
2-3 Tablespoons Almond Oil
1 Tablespoon or 3 Capsules Vitamin E Oil
Combine all dry ingredients in medium size mixing bowl and stir together with a whisk. Add in all oils and stir until wet and dry are evenly combined. Add in 1-2 drops of the pink food coloring and fold together with spatula. Once food coloring is all mixed in, disperse evenly into small mason jars. I ended up needing a bit more cane sugar which I added at the end after I decided my scrub wasn’t coarse enough. Each batch filled 5, 4 ounce mason jars, but you could make larger servings if only making a few. In my case I needed to make 20 so I just repeated the recipe four times. There you have it! So simple and it only took me 30 minutes from start to finish. I was able to make it while the kids were eating breakfast and watching Mickey Mouse Club House (thank you, Disney!)

Valentine’s Boy Style

Nothing could top Henry’s outfit from last year. I mean that Kayne shirt was TOO perfect. He was only 2.5 a year ago and looking back at photos he was so tiny! I miss him being that small. I also miss having a brand new baby but it’s been so fun watching them grow! As boys get older and wilder they need clothes that can keep up with their lifestyle. As cute as a white collard shirt and gingham bowtie would look, let’s be realistic: it’s only a matter of time before red icing and chocolate milk is covering the outfit and no amount of oxi clean will get it out. Henry lives in jeans, joggers and t shirts lately. If we have something special to go to we will pair a button up with jeans and fun shoes. I’m loving the J. Crew Valentine’s Shop this year. They have plenty of festive attire for boys that don’t have hearts and lips everywhere 🙂 

Valentine’s Day Mini Shoot

You know when you have the perfect set up and props and you are so excited to take pictures of your kids because they’re going to look so adorable and smile at the same time and you get the whole shoot done in 10 pictures? Yeah, that didn’t happen with this one. My kids (mostly Evelyn) were not feeling the Valentine’s Day pictures this year. I had prepped with props and spent time baking sweets to go with the new play kitchen. As soon as the kids came in it was a total shit show. Cupcakes were getting pulled to the floor and smeared all over clothes, our kitten was trying to chew on the garland and my dog was moments away from jumping up and devouring the donuts. Needless to say everything went downhill really fast, but at least my props looked cute 🙂
I probably got 6 shots of them both together before Evelyn had a total meltdown. So I leave you with screaming babies, blurry heads and sugar highs!

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