31 Days of Halloween

Flashdance Halloween Costume

Here is another easy and comfy costume to add to the list! You can pair with black leggings or black biker shorts depending on the weather. Same with the shoes – red kitten heels or red flats would be perfect. This wig I was able to use for 3 different costumes this month: Flashdance, Rocky Horror and Alien. For under $16 it’s a decent wig to have in a your dress up stash! I cannot believe there are only 2 weeks until Halloween! So sad that this month is going by fast!

Grey Sweatshirt (order up to fit oversize) // Curly Wig // Red Heels

Elvira Halloween Costume

Elvira was a no-brainer costume for me. She is one of those iconic characters that you recognize even if you haven’t seen any of her films. Her costume is also SO simple because there are only 3 components: the wig, dress and dagger. I was able to use this dress for 3 costumes this month (Elvira, Morticia and Maleficent) so it’s worth getting and keeping for future Halloweens. Elvira’s makeup is also insanely simple with a mix of purple and pink eyeshadow, lots of black eyeliner and a red lip!

Elvira Wig // Wig 2 // Dress // Dagger // Belt // Costume Option 2  // Plus Size Costume


Breakfast at Tiffany’s Halloween Costume

The iconic hairdo, black dress and gloves make Breakfast at Tiffany’s an instant recognizable costume. This look can easily be achieved for under $50 as long as you do some searching and possibly thrifting. Check out your local Goodwill or jewelry store for antique jewelry for sale and black dresses (I’ve also linked exact items below)!

Black Dress Shown Above // Black Dress Option 2 // Black Dress Option 3 // Bagged Costume (does not come with jewelry) // Full Accessories Set // Black Gloves // Cigarette Holder // Black Heels // Sunglasses // Audrey Wig

Alternative Holly Golightly Costume:

Men’s Oversized White Dress Shirt // Men’s Tux Shirt // Sleep Mask & Earrings

Peggy Bundy Halloween Costume

“Let’s clear up a few misconceptions. There are two things Peggy Bundy doesn’t do. Number 1: cook, clean, sew, vacuum, iron, and parent. and number 2: exercise.”

Peg Bundy is a 2020 mood, amiright? This was one of the easiest costumes to assemble and honestly looks so much better than the bagged ones being sold. What woman doesn’t have a pair of black leggings or spanx in their closet already? The great part about this costume is that if you’re over the age of 30 literally everyone will know who you are!

Red Beehive Wig // Red Belt // Leopard Bodysuit // Black Spanx Leggings // Fake Cigarette


Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume

For those who don’t know, Rocky Horror Picture Show is my all-time favorite film. The music, the ridiculous plot, the costumes … it never gets old. I’ve loved it since I was 13 (yes, I realize that was a young age). I remember the first time I watched it. I was on a ski trip with my family in Deer Valley, Utah and it was playing on tv late one night and of course I watched it when everyone was sleeping. I really do think that is where my love for makeup, dress-up and Halloween stemmed from. To me Dr. Frank N. Furter is one of the best movie characters of all-time and Tim Curry’s greatest role. I really love how every character is strong enough to stand alone as a costume and the entire cast is truly an epic ensemble to recreate with friends or family.

I typically don’t buy the bagged costumes unless they are a spot-on replica or have 80% of the costume correct. Do you know how hard it was to find a vest like Tim Curry wore in the movie? I ended up buying the bagged version even though the reviews weren’t that great. Yes, the vest runs HUGE, there are only 2 sizes: standard and plus (I got the standard and it’s massive) and it is incredibly itchy. However, it is the most similar to the costume and it came with the gloves, fishnets and underwear. If I were wearing this vest for longer than 20 minutes I would definitely try and line it with a softer material. Frank N. Furters makeup is messy imperfect and so easy to recreate. Fun fact: for the film, the producers chose Pierre La Roche, who had previously been a make-up artist for Mick Jagger and David Bowie, to redesign the make-up for each character.

Magenta is my second favorite character of the film and her bagged costume is spot on. My friend Lindsey (@sell_eat_love) played the part and wore a black dress with white cuffs that she already owned. The wig is massive, just like in the movie, and just needed a little teasing and “messing up” to achieve her hair style. My friend, and fellow Dragon Con lover, Lori dressed up as Columbia and could not have been more perfect for this character. We were going to do Rocky Horror for Dragon Con 2020 but it was cancelled so we put our energy into this recreation.

Dr. Frank N. Furter Costume // Wig // Necklace // Leather Jacket 

Columbia Costume // Wig // Exact Bustier Lori is wearing // Red Bowtie //Magenta Costume // Wig

Lydia Deetz Halloween Costume

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite films, and not just during October. Lydia Deetz is such an iconic character. I love her goth moodiness throughout the entire film and the fact that she always wears black. Last year our family costume was Beetlejuice and it has been one of our most popular ones to date. You can see and shop those costumes here. Since I wore the red wedding dress last year, I wanted to do her day-to-day look for the 31 day series. Recreating this costume is so easy and I bet you have most of it in your closet at home. A black hat, black tights, black dress or skirt and a cape/jacket is really all you need. I definitely needed the wig to achieve this look because I don’t have bangs and my hair is too long but it’s pretty inexpensive!

*The cape and dress were sent to me by my favorite shop, Unique Vintage. I wear their clothing year round and they always have the most fun Halloween and holiday clothing! I’ve linked my items below but any black dress will work for this costume!

Black Hat // Lydia Wig // Black Dress // Web Cape // Black Military Boots // Vintage Camera

Stranger Things Eleven Halloween Costume

Hawkins Lab is basically in my backyard so it was a no-brainer to do a Stranger Things costume this month. Eleven in the pink dress ravaging the frozen food section for Eggo waffles is one of the more memorable scenes from Season 1. The costume is super easy to recreate and I was surprised at how well the “bagged costume” delivered. The pink dress and socks are sold together, add the blonde wig and a box of waffles and you are set! You can also get the blue jacket to achieve the likeliness and it’ll add some warmth to the costume if you live in a colder state. Everything is available on Amazon Prime so this is an ideal last-minute costume if you’re still undecided!

Pink Dress – comes with knee high socks // Wig // White Sneakers

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