31 Days of Halloween

The Addams Family Halloween Costume

I have wanted to dress up as The Addams Family ever since I found out that Evelyn was a girl. It’s one of my favorite movies and I seriously love every single thing about the characters and their lifestyle. Evelyn really took to her role as Wednesday Addams and made the perfect moody teenager. What are you guys dressing up as today? Happy Halloween!

Gomez Suit // Gomez Wig // Morticia Dress // Morticia Wig // Pugsly Shirt // Pugsly Shorts // Wednesday Dress // Wednesday Wig

Aliens Halloween Costume

I had to get one more mommy daughter costume in before October comes to a close. This iconic shot from Aliens with Sigourney Weaver holding Newt was one of the first images I saved when planning this project. The costume was a total DIY and the only item purchased new were the blue scrub pants. The wig I’m wearing is the same one I wore for Rocky Horror and Flashdance, the white t-shirt I wore for Orange is the New Black and The Dude, the shoes were borrowed from a friend, Evelyn’s overalls were thrifted and the nerf gun we already owned which I spray painted matte black. To make our clothes look dirty I rubbed old coffee grounds into the fabric a few times. My friend Britney worked her photoshop magic and turned the original, boring photo into the image below.  Have you ever seen Aliens?

Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

For over the past year the Atlanta Botanical Gardens has had an Alice in Wonderland exhibit. It would be a shame to let this beautiful installation go to waste and not use it as a backdrop. The Queen of Hearts was the perfect Disney villain to shoot there. I was surprised with how nice the bagged costume was and definitely recommend going that route. Her makeup is so simple. I modeled mine after Helen Bonham Carter’s Queen in Tim Burton’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. Blue eyeshadow, a high, thin black brow and a red heart for lips. This month I dressed up as 4 Disney Villains. The Queen of Hearts, Ursula, Maleficent and Cruella. Which one was your favorite?

Red Plush Hat // Dress // Hoop Skirt // Scepter // Blue Eyeshadow // Red Lipstick // Crown // Wig


The Dude Halloween Costume

The Big Lebowski is a cult classic and one of the best films to come out in the past 25 years. The Dude is also the 6th male character I have dressed up as this month. I didn’t have to do any hair or makeup which felt SO good after doing it for literally every other costume! The shorts I found for $5 at my local Goodwill and I already had the white t shirt and sandals. The only items I needed to purchase were the wig, goatee, robe and sunglasses (which I found at a gas station for $7). Overall, this costume is super easy and very comfortable. The robe keeps you warm too if you live in a cooler climate during Halloween.  I’ve linked everything below but I highly recommend checking out your local thrift store to source this costume!

Robe // Wig & Goatee // Wig Option 2 // Sunglasses

Beauxbaton School Girl Costume

I admit this was the tamest out of all the costumes for the month. I didn’t have to wear a wig and got to wear my everyday makeup! Our family costume a few years ago were the classic Harry Potter characters and I knew one day I would want to dress up as others. The Beauxbaton School Girls make their appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and are definitely the best dressed wizards. buy fildena online https://blobuyinfo.com/fildena.html no prescription
 I wanted to shoot this at the train station in Atlanta but unfortunately they were closed. We made do with the stairs outside and I think they turned out even better! The costume for this character isn’t even a costume, but just a blouse and skirt from Chic Wish.  I love this blouse so much I might end up keeping it. The hat and wand are from Amazon and I wore heels I already owned. Overall, this costume was easy, effortless and super comfortable!
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My Cape Sleeve Blouse // My Skirt // Fleur Delacour Hat // Blouse #2 // Skirt #2

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Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

I kicked off my 31 days of Halloween series with a Tim Burton character and knew I wanted to include another classic in the group. Edward Scissorhands is one of his greatest films and so recognizable. Britney brought him to life with her makeup talent which is spot on. After reading several reviews of the bagged Edward costume I decided to piece together my own. I bought a $5 black shirt from Target and cut my own holes in it, used a black tutu which I use often for costumes and the other items linked below. Britney let me borrow the studded gloves and boots which were the perfect additions. Goodwill is a great place to source mismatched belts for cheap and a few of the other items too! You could even do the other look where he wears a white mens dress shirt over his black clothes which may be easier if you’re having a hard time sourcing the other items.

Wig // Scissor Gloves (get the deluxe version! The others are cheap foam) // Black Skirt // Black Tutu //Bustier // Black Gloves // Costume 1 // Costume 2 // Shirt with Buckles

The Shining Twins Halloween Costume

The Shining is the first horror film I ever saw and to this day it’s the reason why scary movies scare me so much. I think I was too young to see it when I did (blame that on the babysitter) but I had nightmares for years and years about this movie. Naturally, I knew The Grady Twins were a must costume for this series. Kera and I couldn’t find a hotel with old floral wallpaper so we shot the “scene” in a parking garage and prayed a photoshop/3D wizard could take the image and realistically place it in the actual hotel hallway. The movie was downloaded in 4K and we were rendered into the film still. Special thanks to Derek Haller for doing this! If you’re looking for costume to do with a friend, this one is perfect!

 Shining Twins Dress // White Knee High Socks // Black Mary Jane Shoes

Dress Option 2 // Dress Option 3 

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