31 Days of Halloween

Carrie Halloween Costume

Carrie is one of the most iconic horror films ever made and by far one of the easiest looks to recreate. A quick Pinterest search will give you dozens of ideas to achieve this classic. It’s one of those costumes that people just know regardless if they have seen the movie or not. When coming up with my list of 31 costumes for the month, it was the first one I wrote down.

If you want to go full out with this recreation, I highly suggest shooing outdoors, on a throw-away plastic tarp and near a hose. The fake blood is sticky, itchy and not meant to be around people at a costume party or bar. For those looking to take this costume on the town then I would use fabric paint or makeup that doesn’t smear (Ben Nye makes great fake blood makeup). I got the cheapest wig I could find ($9) because I knew I would be tossing it in the trash after the photos were taken. Same with the dress, I found a really inexpensive pink slip dress on Shein for $12 that I threw out after as well. I didn’t want my washing machine to be stained red and I don’t even think the dye would of come out of the dress anyway. Here is the fake blood recipe I used. I doubled the batch and wound up using all of it. You can also buy fake blood on Amazon and at Halloween stores. I’ve linked everything I used at the bottom of the post 🙂

Crown // Wig // Dress // Blue Streamers // Gold Glitter Card-stock // Fake Blood


Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Even though The Bride of Frankenstein came out 85 years ago, it’s still a truly iconic character. The costume is by far one of the easiest and inexpensive to achieve. My dress is another bagged costume that I was really impressed by. The makeup was SO simple, almost like beauty makeup with a heavy gray contour and red lip. There are no shortage of white dresses and Bride of Frankenstein costumes out there (I have linked six different options below). You can glam them up with accessories for an adult Halloween party or pair with flats or sneakers for a night of trick or treating with the kids. The wig is a dead giveaway of what your costume is, so even if you have a white dress in your closet already, you can make this look work!!

My exact Dress & Wig // My dress in plus size option // Dress Option 2 // Dress Option 3 // Dress Option 4 //Dress Option 5 //  Wig Option 2 // Wig Option 3 // Mummy Gloves // Fake Zombie Scars

Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

Going into this project I knew I wanted to kick it off with a character that was familiar but not recreated by women very often. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favorite Halloween, and Christmas, films and the soundtrack is equally amazing. The main female character, Sally, is typically who I see girls and women dressed up as but honestly she is nothing compared to Jack Skellington. I enlisted my friend Britney to use her magic (she created my looks for DragonCon last year – Pennywise and The Raven) and I knew that certain costumes would need her expertise. You’ll be seeing more of her mind-blowing makeup skills throughout October. The makeup took about 3 hours (see the IGTV on Instagram here) and came out so beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised with the bagged costume I got from Amazon and overall the entire look came together easily. I did add a black tulle tutu under the dress for some added fullness. The gloves, which are a must for this costume, were found at Party City and really tie the look together. His long fingers are essential in bringing him to life! I’ve linked everything to my costume below, happy October 1!

White Wig // My Actual Costume // Black Tutu (added underneath to give dress more fullness) // Black Knee High Tights // Costume Option 2 // Costume Option 3 // Costume Option 4 // Zero Yard Prop // Jack Finger Gloves

31 Days of Halloween

Everyone knows how much I love Halloween. If you’re a longtime reader or follower, you know I go all out every year. I love dressing up and it’s so hard to just decide on ONE costume. Around mid-October in 2019 I had the idea to do 31 Days of Halloween. I was already late to the party so it became a lofty goal for 2020. There was already a lot on my plate and didn’t know if I would be able to fully commit. Enter Coronavirus to completely do an overhaul on any plans I had for traveling, parties, etc. During quarantine is when I really started putting effort into my 31 Days of Halloween. What would the costumes be? When and where will I shoot? Can I actually pull this off? How many times will I break out in stress induced hives? Well, since you are reading this post the answer is yes. Yes, I did pull off all 31 looks and I did break out into stress induced hives for about 6 weeks. Go big or go home, right? Each costume has been shot, edited, blog posts written, social captions typed out, behind the scenes videos edited and Pinterest graphics made. I now own more wigs than humanly possible and my house looks similar to Moira Rose’s motel room.

Starting October 1 I will be sharing each look with you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, my blog and Pinterest every day at 10am EST. This is hands down the most labor intensive series I have ever done and I am so excited to share it will you! Until then, here is a look back at costumes from the past and links to their original posts!


Harry Potter

A League of Their Own

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf

Wicked Witch

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