31 Days of Halloween

Scream Halloween Costume

Believe it or not, as much as I love Halloween, dressing up as scary characters and filling my house with creepy decor, I do not like scary movies. Even as a 36 year old woman, I will have nightmares for days. I still am terrified of The Shining and I saw that over 15 years ago. Scream is a different kind of horror film. It came out when I was in middle school and was so popular with my friends and kids my age. The film is not as scary as the other Wes Craven films so I think it’s why I can watch it. Drew Barrymore had the least amount of film time in the movie but still is the most recognizable character. Her costume was so easy to recreate and you can find everything on eBay, minus the wig. I’ve seen some recreations that have blood on her sweater so if you can find a cheap cable knit sweater from Goodwill I say go for it! You probably already own light wash jeans and white sneakers which makes this look even easier to achieve. Everything is linked below, including the classic stovetop popcorn! What’s your favorite scary movie?

Cable Knit Sweater // Light Wash Jeans // Blonde Wig // Cordless Phone // White Sneakers // Popcorn

Ursula & Ariel Halloween Costume

Two Disney villains in one week! Ursula just may be my favorite villain because of her dress and hair. I love her attitude and conniving ways. She’s also the only character in my 31 who is a totally different color. I knew I’d need Britney’s magic to recreate this look and boy did she deliver. The body paint, makeup and hair took 4 total hours and the longest one to date. It was totally worth it to really achieve that cartoon look. My necklace is an actual seashell which I spray painted gold and attached to a black necklace and my dress is from non other than Amazon of course and everything else is linked below!

Evelyn’s entire costume is from California Costumes! The quality is great and I was really impressed with the wig. If you follow me on Instagram you know that Evelyn wears it all the time, even to the grocery store, haha!

Ursula Wig // Ursula Dress // Purple Tights // Trident Prop // Ariel Wig // Ariel Dress // Seaweed Boa

Black Swan Halloween Costume

Ever since Black Swan came out ten years ago it’s been a go-to costume for Halloween. The look is so easy to recreate and I’ve seen dozens of amazing renditions. My tutu dress is from Amazon and I was able to do the makeup myself using a few things I picked up at Ulta. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials for the makeup look and I definitely recommend watching a few prior to creating the costume. What I love most about this is that you can wear comfy ballet shoes all night instead of heels!

Tutu Dress // Black Tutu (I wore an extra one underneath for more volume) // Tiara // Pink Ballet Shoes // White Foundation // White Powder // Black Gel Eyeliner // White Liquid Eyeliner // Black Feathers for Hands (optional – I added them for DragonCon last year)

David Bowie Halloween Costume

Easy, inexpensive, iconic … three words that describe this Halloween costume that is appropriate for all ages and genders. It took under an hour to complete and is great for a list minute look. I sprayed my hair red with some temporary red dye from Target and my friend Monica is responsible for the incredible lighting bolt make up. There are several You Tube tutorials that you can follow or just match the album cover. You’ll need actual stage makeup to achieve this. Ben Nye has the best options and you can find all three colors here for only $8 each. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who isn’t a David Bowie fan. I feel that almost everyone appreciates his music, attitude and style. This was one of my favorite 31 looks to recreate! Happy Day 7 of 31!

If you want to take this look to a party or trick or treating, here are some full costumes:

Women’s Spacesuit // Men’s Spacesuit // Red Wig

Napoleon Dynamite Halloween Costume

Napoleon Dynamite is the ideal costume for Henry because he can look moody and pissed off and it aligns perfectly with the character. He turned 8 a few months ago and is way too cool to dress up or take photos, but I wanted him to be involved with one costume with me. Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite films and everything needed for the costume is readily available on Amazon. I love that this movie has a great ensemble cast for multiple family members or friends and also a few stand alone characters. It’s great for couples and as well as siblings and there will be no explaining the characters to anyone!

A big thank you to my friend, Sarah, for letting us come to her farm and take photos. Yes, I know it’s an Alpaca but Atlanta doesn’t have Llamas roaming the streets readily available for photos 🙂

Red Curly Wig (comes with glasses) // Vote for Pedro Shirt // Pink Polo // Hot Pink Fanny Pack // Caboodle (search “caboodle with sliding trays” on eBay if you want to be exact // White Sneakers // Black Moon Boots // Friendship Bracelet Thread

Cruella De Vil Halloween Costume

There are so many good Disney villains that I could dress up for an entire October of only them! Maybe an idea for next year? I’ve wanted to be Cruella De Vil for the longest time (and this isn’t the only Disney villain I’m doing for my 31 Days of Halloween this month). Once again, Cruella is a stand alone character due largely to her iconic hair. The costume is so fun to recreate and I love the bagged version that California Costumes sell (linked below).  The makeup is so easy: green eyeshadow, black eyebrows, red lipstick and you’re done! Props have been so integral to this project and I’ve nixed and reshot a few costumes because they didn’t have what I needed. Trying to find a Dalmatian puppy in Atlanta was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, my friend Lindsey saw a girl walking hers and stopped to ask her if I could shoot with her dog, haha. The universe was on my side and brought Baby to me! He really brings the whole look together and I am thankful to his mom Abby for being so cool about me shooting with him. Do you have a favorite Disney villain?

My entire costume was sent to me from California Costumes. They have a ton of incredible complete costumes that come with literally everything. Shop my wig, costume and white gloves!

Pulp Fiction Halloween Costume

In sticking with the trend of “recognizable movie characters” it would be silly not to include Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. She is by far the easiest character to recreate because you only need a black bob wig, white collared shirt and black pants. She wears black flats and a black lace bra which I would imagine the majority of women already own, or at least own a version of it. Not all costumes have to be over the top and I’m a big fan of using pieces you might already have! This was shot at the Landmark Diner in Atlanta and I think I was the only person ever to order a milkshake at 9am. All items linked below!

White Shirt // Black Capri Pants // Black Wig // Fake Cigarettes

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