David Bowie Halloween Costume

Easy, inexpensive, iconic … three words that describe this Halloween costume that is appropriate for all ages and genders. It took under an hour to complete and is great for a list minute look. I sprayed my hair red with some temporary red dye from Target and my friend Monica is responsible for the incredible lighting bolt make up. There are several You Tube tutorials that you can follow or just match the album cover. You’ll need actual stage makeup to achieve this. Ben Nye has the best options and you can find all three colors here for only $8 each. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who isn’t a David Bowie fan. I feel that almost everyone appreciates his music, attitude and style. This was one of my favorite 31 looks to recreate! Happy Day 7 of 31!

If you want to take this look to a party or trick or treating, here are some full costumes:

Women’s Spacesuit // Men’s Spacesuit // Red Wig

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