31 Days of Halloween

Maleficent Halloween Costume

Dressing up as a Disney villain is so fun. Everyone knows who they are and everyone has opinions on who is the baddest. Maleficent has always been my favorite Disney villain. I love her style, attitude and most importantly, her horns. For this costume I wore the same black dress that I did for Elvira and Morticia. It’s a great dress to have on hand since it can work for so many characters. I already had the feather shawl from Dragon Con and the other pieces were super easy to source. I’ve linked several options below for you to create your own Maleficent look. If you have a daughter this is a great mommy and me Halloween costume as well. Evelyn loves being a princess and couldn’t wait to dress up as Aurora. I can’t believe Halloween is only a week away! Why does the best month of the year have to go by so fast?!

Headpiece // Maleficent Dress // Black Cape // Feather Wrap // Feather Shawl // Maleficent Staff // Wings // Aurora Wig // Aurora Dress // Maleficent Dress Option 2 // Maleficent Dress Option 3 // Maleficent Dress Option 4

Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

Hear me out, I think Kirsten Dunst’s best role was in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.  I love, love, LOVE the costumes in this movie. After all, it did win the Oscar for Best Achievement in Costume Design. Marie Antoinette is a highly recognizable historical figure so the wig alone will give away who you are. If you buy one of the long dresses below, you must get the hoop petticoat or the dress will hang flat. They’re super inexpensive and actually good to have in your closet for other costumes.  Marie Antoinette’s makeup is super simple. She doesn’t wear any eyeshadow or eyeliner, her cheeks are rosy pink and you can either wear a nude lip or a bright red. The makeup took me under 5 minutes! I’ve linked my dress below as well as several other options.

My Blue Dress (which comes in several other colors!) // Dress #2 // Dress #3 // Dress #4 // Wig // Wig #2 // Wig #3 // Wig #4 //  Pink Wig // Earrings // Fan //  Crown // Hoop Petticoat

Fembot Halloween Costume

I still remember going to see Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery back in 1997 when it came out. I was 13 years old and loved everything about the movie. The character that always stuck with me the most were the Fembots. I loved their effortless sexiness and confidence. Even 23 years later, the Fembot is still an iconic movie character from the 90’s. I knew she had to be one of the costumes for my 31 days of Halloween. The dress I bought came with matching gloves, underwear and a headband but they had a glittery type look so I didn’t love them. I bought separate gloves which I thought paired much better! If you really want to achieve the actual Fembot look, this shop on Etsy makes the dress complete with the gun barrels!

Pink Dress // Pink Gloves // Shoes // Beehive Wig // Dress Option 2 // Dress Option 3

Special thanks to the Hotel Clermont and Nick for letting me shoot my costume there! It’s my favorite hotel in Atlanta and I knew it would the perfect backdrop for this 60’s costume!

Orange is the New Black Halloween Costume

Friend costumes are so fun to do together. There are so many great duo’s out there and the possibilities are endless. Alex and Piper from Orange is the New Black is such an easy costume to do with a friend, especially if one is a blonde and the other a brunette. I’ve been told I’ve looked like Alex on more than one occasion, especially when I wear my glasses. Lindsey has the perfect length blonde hair and it was her idea to do this one and I am so glad we did! This costume is truly the most comfortable of the 31 this month, and would be perfect for a long night of walking on Halloween. We opted for orange scrubs, printed our own inmate tags and already had white shirts. Use a men’s white shirt if possible, you don’t want the slim/feminine fit. We wore basic white sneakers, printed our inmate tags and attached with safety pins and voila! The easiest costume ever!

Orange Scrubs // Men’s Plain White T // Inmate Costume // Orange Jumpsuit //  Inmate Tag

Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Jessica Rabbit has such a glamorous look to her and my everyday makeup skills just wouldn’t cut it. I enlisted my friend Britney to use her magic again (she created Jack Skellington, Ursula and my looks for DragonCon last year – Pennywise and The Raven) and I knew that certain costumes would need her skills. Since Jessica Rabbit is an animated character we wanted to keep her cartoonish looks for the costume. This is the most I have never looked like myself for any costume and I absolutely love it.

My costume is entirely from Amazon which is super convenient. The dress runs a tad big in the chest FYI. You’ll need safety pins or some double sided beauty tape for sure. I am a 36DD and wore a padded strapless bra and the chest area was still a tad large. I wore purple heels which I already owned but you can also wear nude heels which I have seen done! Here are the links to this 3 piece costume:  Red Dress // Purple Gloves // Red Wig

The Birds Halloween Costume

Alfred Hitchcock is the original master of horror. His films have a way of sticking with you, due largely in part to the suspense. For those who haven’t seen the movie, The Birds focuses on a series of sudden and unexplained violent bird attacks on people. The bagged costume had some not so good reviews, mostly how the jacket was cheap and made out of foam with no structure, so I ended up going with a classic green dress. Mine came with a belt too but I opted not to use it for the photo. Shout out to my friend and makeup extraordinaire Britney for adding the creepiness dynamic to this picture!

Green Dress // Wig // Fake Birds // Nude Heels // Bagged Birds Costume 1 // Bagged Costume 2 

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

My second Uma Thurman character of the month – do you remember the first? Poison Ivy There are so many versions of this costume you could do. As long as you’re wearing green and have the red wig, people will totally know who you are. If it’s cold on Halloween you can wear a long sleeve green body suit, green leggings, skirt or tutu. You can add a cape, wear a dress, make your own (google “Poison Ivy Cosplay” to see some amazing costumes).

My entire costume was sent to me from California Costumes. They have a ton of incredible complete costumes that come with literally everything. Shop my wig and costume! This costume runs small so order one size up!

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