The Shining Twins Halloween Costume

The Shining is the first horror film I ever saw and to this day it’s the reason why scary movies scare me so much. I think I was too young to see it when I did (blame that on the babysitter) but I had nightmares for years and years about this movie. Naturally, I knew The Grady Twins were a must costume for this series. Kera and I couldn’t find a hotel with old floral wallpaper so we shot the “scene” in a parking garage and prayed a photoshop/3D wizard could take the image and realistically place it in the actual hotel hallway. The movie was downloaded in 4K and we were rendered into the film still. Special thanks to Derek Haller for doing this! If you’re looking for costume to do with a friend, this one is perfect!
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 Shining Twins Dress // White Knee High Socks // Black Mary Jane Shoes

Dress Option 2 // Dress Option 3 

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