Beauxbaton School Girl Costume

I admit this was the tamest out of all the costumes for the month. I didn’t have to wear a wig and got to wear my everyday makeup! Our family costume a few years ago were the classic Harry Potter characters and I knew one day I would want to dress up as others. The Beauxbaton School Girls make their appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and are definitely the best dressed wizards. I wanted to shoot this at the train station in Atlanta but unfortunately they were closed. We made do with the stairs outside and I think they turned out even better! The costume for this character isn’t even a costume, but just a blouse and skirt from Chic Wish.  I love this blouse so much I might end up keeping it. The hat and wand are from Amazon and I wore heels I already owned. Overall, this costume was easy, effortless and super comfortable!

My Cape Sleeve Blouse // My Skirt // Fleur Delacour Hat // Blouse #2 // Skirt #2

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