Breakfast at Tiffany’s Halloween Costume

The iconic hairdo, black dress and gloves make Breakfast at Tiffany’s an instant recognizable costume. This look can easily be achieved for under $50 as long as you do some searching and possibly thrifting. Check out your local Goodwill or jewelry store for antique jewelry for sale and black dresses (I’ve also linked exact items below)!

Black Dress Shown Above // Black Dress Option 2 // Black Dress Option 3 // Bagged Costume (does not come with jewelry) // Full Accessories Set // Black Gloves // Cigarette Holder // Black Heels // Sunglasses // Audrey Wig

Alternative Holly Golightly Costume:

Men’s Oversized White Dress Shirt // Men’s Tux Shirt // Sleep Mask & Earrings

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