• 12 Dresses of Christmas

    Coming off my 31 Days of Halloween series I knew I needed something creative to look forward to. A follower suggested that I continue with a 12 Days of Christmas theme and I thought it was brilliant! ...

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    12 Dresses of Christmas
  • No Bake Fall Dessert

    *This post was sponsored by Tastykake. All opinions are my own* I have always been one to try and make the most out of every holiday season. It’s why I decorate for Halloween and Christmas a full ...

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    No Bake Fall Dessert
  • The Addams Family Halloween Costume

    I have wanted to dress up as The Addams Family ever since I found out that Evelyn was a girl. It's one of my favorite movies and I seriously love every single thing about the characters and their ...

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    The Addams Family Halloween Costume
  • Aliens Halloween Costume

    I had to get one more mommy daughter costume in before October comes to a close. This iconic shot from Aliens with Sigourney Weaver holding Newt was one of the first images I saved when planning this ...

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    Aliens Halloween Costume

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Napoleon Dynamite Halloween Costume

Napoleon Dynamite is the ideal costume for Henry because he can look moody and pissed off and it aligns perfectly with the character. He turned 8 a few months ago and is way too cool to dress up or take photos, but I wanted him to be involved with one costume with me. Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite films…

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Cruella De Vil Halloween Costume

There are so many good Disney villains that I could dress up for an entire October of only them! Maybe an idea for next year? I’ve wanted to be Cruella De Vil for the longest time (and this isn’t the only Disney villain I’m doing for my 31 Days of Halloween this month). Once again, Cruella is a stand alone…

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Pulp Fiction Halloween Costume

In sticking with the trend of “recognizable movie characters” it would be silly not to include Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. She is by far the easiest character to recreate because you only need a black bob wig, white collared shirt and black pants. She wears black flats and a black lace bra which I would imagine the majority of women…

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Carrie Halloween Costume

Carrie is one of the most iconic horror films ever made and by far one of the easiest looks to recreate. A quick Pinterest search will give you dozens of ideas to achieve this classic. It’s one of those costumes that people just know regardless if they have seen the movie or not. When coming up with my list of…

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Bride of Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Even though The Bride of Frankenstein came out 85 years ago, it’s still a truly iconic character. The costume is by far one of the easiest and inexpensive to achieve. My dress is another bagged costume that I was really impressed by. The makeup was SO simple, almost like beauty makeup with a heavy gray contour and red lip. There are…

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Jack Skellington Halloween Costume

Going into this project I knew I wanted to kick it off with a character that was familiar but not recreated by women very often. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all-time favorite Halloween, and Christmas, films and the soundtrack is equally amazing. The main female character, Sally, is typically who I see girls and women dressed up…

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31 Days of Halloween

Everyone knows how much I love Halloween. If you’re a longtime reader or follower, you know I go all out every year. I love dressing up and it’s so hard to just decide on ONE costume. Around mid-October in 2019 I had the idea to do 31 Days of Halloween. I was already late to the party so it became…

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