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Easter Style

This past weekend we took Henry to see the Easter Bunny and I was fully prepared for a Santa-like meltdown. Suprisingly he had no problems with the giant bunny and we even got a smile. I don’t even think Henry realized he was sitting on a large bunny until the photographer was trying to get him to smile so the…

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52 Portrait Update (12/13/14)

I am seriously behind on the 52 Portraits. Not that I haven’t taken them, just that I have forgotten to post them. My husband and I just got back from a business trip and Henry was with my mom for 5 days. He also got another ear infection while we were gone and was sick the whole time 🙁 It’s…

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Five Things Friday

I’m not going to lie, Henry looks so stinking cute in a bathing suit. I love his little chubby belly sticking out over the top like an old man. He has always been my water baby; loving bath time, the pool, splash parks, the dogs water bowls … you get the idea. Little swim trunks are so adorable this season…

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Weekend Wrap Up

These posts should really be called “What Henry did this weekend” since our life revolves around him (obviously). But honestly, we would’t have it any other way. We love the weekends because we get to spend quality family time together, see our friends, work on house projects, go to the park, veg out, etc.  Friday was a low key night…

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“a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.” Henry: My little bunny rabbit. He is completely naked in this photo with nothing but bunny ears on!

Henry’s Food Adventures

This past weekend Henry got spoiled and ate a lot of yummy food. We wen’t to Moe’s where he love dipping his chips in sour cream and licking it off (gross) and had more black beans then I have ever seen him ingest (yay for protein!) We also had dinner with friends at Lee’s Bakery, a Vietnamese restaurant which was…

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2nd Annual St. Patricks Day Party

This past weekend I hosted our mom’s group 2nd Annual St. Patricks Day Party. It amazes me how this group keeps growing and I love meeting new mom’s and their kids. Last year our mommy group consisted of maybe 8 members and it has grown to over 20. Last year was my first year hosting a big play date and…

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