What to Feed A Picky Toddler

Now that Evelyn is a month away from turning two, she has become the worst eater on the planet. She used to eat anything and everything I would put in front of her but now I’m lucky if I can get her to eat cheese cubes. I vaguely remember going through this with Henry but he wasn’t nearly as bad. I want to share with you some easy snacks and meals I have been putting together for her lately in hopes she turns her eating habits around. Nearly everything can be made in prepped in under 10 minutes so there are no wasted in hours in the kitchen preparing food that your dog will end up eating off the floor.
Breakfast Option 1: Mini Blueberry Waffles, Yogurt, Sliced Banana buy clozaril online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/clozaril.html no prescription
Breakfast Option 3: Banana Pancakes (made ahead of time and thaw), Raisins, Grapefruit
Breakfast Option 4: Mini Whole Wheat Bagel with Almond Butter, Sliced Banana
Breakfast Option 5: Greek Yogurt Topped with Blueberries, Half a slice toast buy cozaar online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/cozaar.html no prescription
Lunch Option 1: Cold Penne Pasta with carrots, corn and peas. I buy organic vegetables in the bag and steam in the microwave. I also boil pasta in large batches twice a week to have on hand!
Lunch Option 2: Sliced Bell Peppers, Deli Ham, Clementine Oranges
Lunch Option 3: Applesauce, Turkey & Cheese Roll Up, Carrots
Lunch Option 4: Avocado, Crackers with Hummus, Strawberries
Lunch Option 5: Pepperoni, Raisins, Pineapple
Dinner Option 1: Shredded Chicken, Edamame, String Cheese
Dinner Option 2: Cheese Quesadilla, Chopped Strawberries
Dinner Option 3: Brown Rice, Sliced Cucumber, Blueberries
Dinner Option 4: Penne Pasta with Parmesan, Hardboiled Egg,
Dinner Option 5: Turkey Meatballs (I buy the organic frozen kind), Sliced Grapes, Green Beans buy cytotec online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/cytotec.html no prescription
Another amazing snack option that I have recently discovered is frozen Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Rolls). My kids definitely take after their parents and love a good baked cheese roll. These delicious gluten free snacks bake in just 5 minutes and are the perfect afternoon treat. They are perfect for the whole family and really compliment any dish. Henry loves to dip these in his tomato soup and they are a wonderful alternate to grilled cheese.  Since I always seem to be pressed for time, anything that can be ready in 5 minutes when my kids are both going wild is a win in my book. Forno de Minas is a socially conscience company that is deeply concerned with the environment and sustainability. They treat 100% of the water used in the factory, administrative area, and kitchen, through its ETE (Water and Sewage Treatment Plant). I love supporting companies that give back and care about their community. Want to try some Pão de Queijo? Here is a coupon for $1 off your purchase. You can find Forno de Minas in your local grocery store. Do you have any go-to meals for the picky eater in your life? Leave them in the comments below!
*this post was sponsored by Forno de Minas. As always, all opinions are my own*


  1. This is an awesome list. I'm just now introducing solids to my youngest and already I see he has a picky palate. I will be referring to this later.

  2. Fun ideas! My boys are eating more and more solids, but are at a stage that they'll eat anything…I'm not sure how they'll be in a few months, but these sound great!

  3. These are amazing – thank you! My 20 month old daughter will only eat about three things and that depends on that day. I'm going to try some of your go-to's and see if they appeal to her. I remember going thru this with my now 13-year-old. When he was this age, literally, the only thing he would eat was chicken nuggets. So that's what I gave him. He eventually grew out of it, but my pediatrician said not to stress about it, so I didn't!

  4. I love all of these ideas! I feel like my girls go through picky phases (which I honestly don't mind- we all do right?!) but it does get challenging figuring out what to give them three meals (and snacks!) a day seven days a week. I need to try these rolls – anything with cheese? I'm sold!

  5. It is hard when they start to get picky! I just keep trying different options until it hits. I also like to retry things they've rejected at least 3 or 4 times before giving up on it completely. Another tip is to try raw versus cooked for a particular veggie that they aren't enjoying – it may be the cooked/raw flavor or texture that is throwing them off.

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