Last Minute Cards with American Greetings

Who else is in shock that Christmas is less than 72 hours? I can definitely say that 2016 has been one of the fastest years of my life and December has flown by. Life can get the best of me as a stay at home mom of two and the last thing I want to do is brave stores with last minute shoppers. We have several family members in different states and friends all over the US. Sometimes the thought of addresses an stamping 60+ cards can be daunting. With American Greetings, you can easily send cards anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

American Greetings has hundreds of holiday cards to choose from and you can easily search by theme and design. If you’re a long time reader of my blog or know me in real life, then you know I have crazy cat lady tendencies. My husband always jokes that if I wasn’t married with children I would live in a one bedroom apartment with 27 cats. You can probably guess what the first thing I searched for was. I love the humor section on American Greetings. It’s always nice to make someone smile, especially if they are having a tough time around the holiday season.
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Memberships are 25% off through 12/25 so this is a great time to get your 1 or 2-year membership and schedule cards through the year. They have cards for all occasions (14 to be exact) and 9 major holidays. There is also a free app to make sending greeting cards even easier. My kids love to scroll through and see all the different cards they can send to their grandparents and friends. buy valacyclovir online https://rxnoprescriptionrxbuyonline.com/valacyclovir.html no prescription

*This post was sponsored by American Greetings however all opinions are my own*
Happy early Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! buy valtrex online https://rxnoprescriptionrxbuyonline.com/valtrex.html no prescription

xo, Chanel

What to Feed A Picky Toddler

Now that Evelyn is a month away from turning two, she has become the worst eater on the planet. She used to eat anything and everything I would put in front of her but now I’m lucky if I can get her to eat cheese cubes. I vaguely remember going through this with Henry but he wasn’t nearly as bad. I want to share with you some easy snacks and meals I have been putting together for her lately in hopes she turns her eating habits around. Nearly everything can be made in prepped in under 10 minutes so there are no wasted in hours in the kitchen preparing food that your dog will end up eating off the floor.
Breakfast Option 1: Mini Blueberry Waffles, Yogurt, Sliced Banana buy clozaril online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/clozaril.html no prescription
Breakfast Option 3: Banana Pancakes (made ahead of time and thaw), Raisins, Grapefruit
Breakfast Option 4: Mini Whole Wheat Bagel with Almond Butter, Sliced Banana
Breakfast Option 5: Greek Yogurt Topped with Blueberries, Half a slice toast buy cozaar online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/cozaar.html no prescription
Lunch Option 1: Cold Penne Pasta with carrots, corn and peas. I buy organic vegetables in the bag and steam in the microwave. I also boil pasta in large batches twice a week to have on hand!
Lunch Option 2: Sliced Bell Peppers, Deli Ham, Clementine Oranges
Lunch Option 3: Applesauce, Turkey & Cheese Roll Up, Carrots
Lunch Option 4: Avocado, Crackers with Hummus, Strawberries
Lunch Option 5: Pepperoni, Raisins, Pineapple
Dinner Option 1: Shredded Chicken, Edamame, String Cheese
Dinner Option 2: Cheese Quesadilla, Chopped Strawberries
Dinner Option 3: Brown Rice, Sliced Cucumber, Blueberries
Dinner Option 4: Penne Pasta with Parmesan, Hardboiled Egg,
Dinner Option 5: Turkey Meatballs (I buy the organic frozen kind), Sliced Grapes, Green Beans buy cytotec online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/cytotec.html no prescription
Another amazing snack option that I have recently discovered is frozen Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Rolls). My kids definitely take after their parents and love a good baked cheese roll. These delicious gluten free snacks bake in just 5 minutes and are the perfect afternoon treat. They are perfect for the whole family and really compliment any dish. Henry loves to dip these in his tomato soup and they are a wonderful alternate to grilled cheese.  Since I always seem to be pressed for time, anything that can be ready in 5 minutes when my kids are both going wild is a win in my book. Forno de Minas is a socially conscience company that is deeply concerned with the environment and sustainability. They treat 100% of the water used in the factory, administrative area, and kitchen, through its ETE (Water and Sewage Treatment Plant). I love supporting companies that give back and care about their community. Want to try some Pão de Queijo? Here is a coupon for $1 off your purchase. You can find Forno de Minas in your local grocery store. Do you have any go-to meals for the picky eater in your life? Leave them in the comments below!
*this post was sponsored by Forno de Minas. As always, all opinions are my own*

5 Last Minute Gifts for Men & Women!

Where did 2016 go? Christmas is in 11 days and I can’t possibly wrap my head around everything I have left to do. If you’re anything like me, you still have some shopping left. Nearly everything in todays post can be purchased on Amazon or the sites have delivery before Christmas!
Nature’s Kindle Candles – Handmade in California, these hand-crafted soy candles are some of the best smelling on the market today. My favorites are the Campfire, Coffee Shop, and Apple Cinnamon. Everything is under $30 and they have several smaller sizes available. These are perfect stocking stuffer ideas, especially for the men in your life!
Daniel Wellington Watch – I recently received one of these watches and I was blown away by the clean, modern look. Typically I don’t like bulky bracelets or watches but this one is lightweight and the perfect size. They offer classic styles for both men and women and are simple enough to be worn every day. Aside from sold in stores you can also find them on Amazon and take advantage of the prime shipping before Christmas!

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Also have a look at these brilliant Sinn watches as they are just incredible so well worth and will be a perfect gift for your love ones!
S’well ‘Sparkling Champagne’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle – These water bottles are available in 36 colors and three sizes. They keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. It’s the ideal gift idea for anyone who’s constantly at the office or on the road. I love the champagne color for women and the Onyx for men. You can also find these on Amazon for quick shipping!
Weekend Bag – It’s always fun to start the year off with a new bag for future travel. I love a great duffle or weekend bag because they are usually gender neutral and can fit so much stuff. They’re perfect for a short road trip or as a carry on. Lately I have been loving my StorkSak Cabin Carry on and cannot wait to use it for our Austin trip in two months!

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Cross Pens – My mother has always had the most beautiful handwriting and she even addressed all of our wedding invitations! She can also be hard to shop for so I knew this pen from Cross Pens would make the most beautiful gift. This holiday season my brother and I wanted to get her something she could cherish every day that brought her happiness. I love how @crosspens engraved our names on the pen so we would always be on her mind (as if we weren’t already!) They also have complimentary engraving so you can add that special touch. If my dad were still with us, I know he would have loved this pen. Even with having a computer and a smart phone, he still used old fashioned pen and paper all the time. Every time I see a nice ballpoint pen, I think of him. buy kamagra online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/kamagra.html no prescription
Still stuck for ideas? Gadgets are always a popular gifting option. Take a look at this fun guide filled with gadgets for men over on the Coolest Gadgets site. Do you have any go-to gifts you swear by? Leave them in the comments below!

Luxury Chocolate You Need

Raise your hand if you have a huge sweet tooth but the thought of baking overwhelms you. Or if the thought of going to the grocery store during the holidays at all stresses you out. As a stay at home mom, I love when things are easy. That includes being able to do most of my holiday shopping online. Vosges Haut Chocolate offers the most luxury, gourmet chocolate on the market. Everything they make is beautifully crafted and packaged. Almost like you’re opening a one-of-a-kind designer gown. I’ve never tried anything so rich and decadent in my life. There are several people I know that can be tough to shop for but I’ve learned that people always love great food, drinks, and desserts, especially around the holiday season. All hail Vosges and their incredibly delicious chocolates and treats.
One of the most popular pairings they offer are the wine and chocolate gift boxes. I have several people in my life who love great wine and great chocolate and these luxury pairings are a total home run. Here a few of my other favorites from Vosges!
This Bubbles + Brunch Gift Box would be perfect for any lady boss. Buttermilk pancakes with fruitwood smoked bacon chocolate smothered liberally with aged bourbon barrel syrup and toast with a morning mimosa. It does not get much better than this, especially when you have some time to yourself to indulge.  If anyone wants to send me one, email me for my address 🙂Drinking Chocolates. Need I say more? We set up a hot chocolate bar every year from the day after Thanksgiving well into the New Year. There are fewer things I love than coming downstairs in a quiet house before everyone wakes up and making hot chocolate with all the fun toppings. The gourmet drinking chocolates would taste like heaven! buy lasix online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/lasix.html no prescription
I love champagne. Probably too much. It’s my go to drink and these Champagne Truffles scream my name. They are blended with 85% dark chocolate and Krug Champagne so you know they will probably be the best thing you’ve tasted all year. Did you know that you can store any of the Vosges truffles in the freezer for up to 4 months (just make sure they’re sealed). Once you’re ready to enjoy, you can pull them out let them come to room temperature!
Any of these chocolate bars would make the perfect stocking stuffer. I also love how you can buy them in collections for someone who really appreciates gourmet chocolate. I’m putting the Noble Pig Chocolate Bars under the tree for my husband. He loves bacon, beer, and chocolate so this is a no brainer. buy levaquin online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/levaquin.html no prescription
I can confidently say that the Caramel Marshmallows were by far the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. I hated that I had to share them with my husband (you’re welcome babe). If you only order one thing from Vosges, these need to be it!
Going to a New Year’s party? Need a gift for your boss who has everything? Want to send something just because? Vosges has gifts starting at $25 and under so there is really something for everyone. Use code HENEVE15 for 15% off your order! You can find Vosges on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
*this post was sponsored by Vosges Haut Chocolate. As always, all opinions expressed are my own* buy levothyroxine online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/levothyroxine.html no prescription

Making Mealtime Easier with HelloFresh

Last week my family and I had the pleasure of trying HelloFresh, a weekly meal service which delivers seasonal farm fresh ingredients to your doorstep. They send pre-measured portions packaged in their own box which easily fit in the refrigerator. It definitely beats the stress of meal planning and hectic grocery shopping. My husband and I loved cooking these meals together. He is the cook in the family and really enjoys it. I, on the other hand, cannot stand it. However, these meals were so easy to cook that I didn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. In fact, I cooked two of them without any help (pats self on back). I really appreciate that the majority of the buy vibramycin online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/vibramycin.html no prescription meals can be cooked in 30 minutes and have no more than 6 steps.
I love that you can really customize your meals and there is something for everyone. If you are single, newly married, work full time, or have a family, HelloFresh offers a plan for everyone. You can even view the meals ahead of time before you sign up to see if they would be something you’re interested in (spoiler: you will be interested). I chose the Family Meal Plan for 4 people and it was more than enough for for 2 adults, a 4 year old and almost 2 year old. There are no spicy ingredients within the family plans but there is still plenty of flavor. I received three meal on the day of my choosing. They were shipped overnight so that all ingredients were grocery story fresh. My favorite to make was the One-Pot Ravioli Bake. I cooked it for lunch one day for me and the kids and it was so easy, not to mention the most tasty of the bunch. The meal that took the most time was the Sweet & Sour Pork. Luckily that was the meal my husband and I cooked together. Despite the length of time it took to prepare (around 40 minutes), the resulting dish was well worth the wait! buy topamax online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/topamax.html no prescription
Want to try HelloFresh and get $35 off your first box? Be sure to use code CHANELVANREENEN35 when you check out! Know someone who would love this as a gift? Check out their gifting options here. You will NOT be disappointed!
*this post was sponsored by HelloFresh. As always, all opinions are my own* buy valacyclovir online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/valacyclovir.html no prescription

A Fresh Start with StartPlanner

Real Talk: The last time I had a real planner was in 2011 … the year I got married. I received it from one of my bridesmaids and quickly became obsessed. I loved making notes and looking at my to do list from a glance. It was so helpful with wedding details, girls dinners, and events. Fast forward to almost 6 years later and my daily to-do lists consist of carpool drop off, school projects, playdates, and blogging. 2017 is going to be a year with a lot of changes, starting with my blog name! More to come on that later this month but my main goal for 2017 is to be more organized. What better way to start that resolution than with the 2017 Hustle Daily Planner from Start Planner in which I can keep all my business shores in a to do list. To understand the benefits of an agenda in handling an startup business click here now.
The Hustle Daily from Start Planner is the only planner you will ever need, starting with 2017 and years to come. The format of this planner has everything you would ever need. My favorite section is the Mini Goals. I love making short term goals for my week because they’re easier for me to accomplish. When I have too much on my to-do lists, I get overwhelmed very easily. The Hustle Daily Planner allows me to track expenses, finances, water, and vitamin intake. It also helps me plan weekly meals, budgets, birthdays, vacations, and projects. It is a life saver for any mom or busy woman! Start Planner was started by two amazing women, Kristy Dickerson & Jenny Grumbling less than two years ago. They have built this incredible company from the ground up and if you’re a long time reader of my blog. you know that I love to support woman and small USA based businesses. Fun fact: The design of this beautiful cover was created by Atlanta artist Hannah Joiner, another mom boss!
*this post was sponsored by Start Planner. All views and opinions expressed are my own*
Do you have any goals for 2017? I would love to hear them below! Happy Monday, Friends!

Toothpaste your Kids will Love!

This post is sponsored by Hello Kids but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. #BrushHappy
According to these Steel Bite Pro reviews this supplement helps with developing better oral health, thus decreasing the sight of inflamed and bleeding gums. Nasty breath can also be prevented, and you can smile with confidence once again. With Steel Bite Pro, you do not have to feel embarrassed about various oral conditions.
Like most 4 year old boys, Henry would rather be playing or watching TV than brushing his teeth. From the moment we implemented teeth cleaning around the age of 2, getting him to brush his teeth has been a daily battle. He also hates the dentist, and we have a really good Dentist in Augusta Maine, seriously they are so patient with him, and great with us! He also gags as soon as someone puts a toothbrush near his mouth (I wish I was exaggerating). We have tried all the popular toothpastes featuring his favorite characters and artificially colored green ones that legitimately looked like candy. I think that turned him off from teeth brushing more. It wasn’t until I discovered Hello Products that I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Hello Kids Fluoride Toothpaste is ADA accepted and clinically shown to prevent cavities. We checked with numerous dentists such as Dentist Turlock to make sure this was the right thing to do. Henry’s favorite is the blue raspberry and he loves it so much that he wants to eat more frequently just so he can brush his teeth.

A lot of people are also going abroad to get dental treatment as you can save huge money in doing so, so if you need serious dental treatment then have a look at options like this dentist in Tijuana as they are very cheap but very good too so you can save a great deal of money.

I could not love this company more if I tried. Hello Toothpaste contains no artificial sweeteners, dyes, paragons, triclosan or microbeads. All their products are vegan and gluten free and their boxes are made from 100% recycled paper printed with soy based ink. Not only will you feel good about letting your kids use them, but you will feel awesome for supporting such an environmental friendly company. Hello Products are also against animal testing which is a huge requirement in our house.

In general terms, a family dentist would recommend fluoride toothpaste for adults, as fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay. For young children, who are prone to swallowing toothpaste, brushing haphazardly, and disliking strong, burning, mint flavors, there are specifically formulated children’s toothpastes that your dentist can recommend. To learn more from experts, you can check out online reviews or ask to a dentist by clicking the link.

Not only does Hello make amazing toothpaste for kids, but they also have oral care for adults. My husband loves the mojito mint while I favor the extra whitening (because, coffee stains). These are the perfect stocking stuffers for your kids/husband/brother/father. I’m a total sucker for cute packaging and I love the clean design on these tubes. They can be left out on my bathroom sink without being total eyesores. In case you want your child to have the withe and bight smile, try on him this blue light teeth whitener.

Do you have any tip or tricks to make brushing easier? Confession: There have definitely been a few times where I have forgotten to brush Henry’s teeth. To remind us all, we bought this oversized toothbrush to keep in the bathroom as a constant reminder. I made this fun video so you can see how it has helped Henry become a better brusher!

Looking for a great dental clinic that’s perfect for you and your children? Check out this site and learn more about Tolley Dental of Winchester. Be sure to grab some Hello Toothpaste next time you’re at Target, Walmart or online at Amazon! Happy Friday, Friends!!

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