• Oh Sugar, Sugar

    Halloween is so close I can practically taste it! The house is decorated to the max, candy is stockpiled, the kids have their costumes and now they finally have their trick-or-treating bags! These ...

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    Oh Sugar, Sugar
  • A Healthy Halloween

    Since we tend to go overboard on the sweets for Halloween, I've been trying to keep healthier treats around this month. Starting on October 1 every year, the kids and I do a "countdown to Halloween" ...

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    A Healthy Halloween
  • Transitioning from a Crib to a Bed

    Now that Evelyn is settled in her big girl room, establishing a nighttime routine has been tricky. Prior to her sleeping in a twin bed, she slept in her crib with a tent over it. I would have kept her ...

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    Transitioning from a Crib to a Bed
  • Evelyn’s Big Girl Room Makeover with Minted!

    When I starting planning to makeover Evelyn's nursery, I knew I wanted a room that could grow with her. Having come from an art background, I have a huge appreciation for artists and artwork. For me, ...

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    Evelyn’s Big Girl Room Makeover with Minted!

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Let’s Talk About Fall Y’all

If you are a fellow Georgian like myself, you are probably over this shit weather we have had all summer. You know, the kind that rains every single day for weeks straight and then has a blanket of humidity that wraps itself around you as soon as you step outside. If you know me in real life, you hear me…

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Five Things Friday – Hoop Art

I have been a fan of hoop art ever since my best friend gave me the one below (left) for a housewarming gift after my husband and I moved into our forever home. Since then I have been collecting them and dream of having a hoop art collection above a little reading nook. I feel like I could read a…

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{Henry’s} Life Lately

This has probably been our busiest summer to date. Not a weekend goes by that we don’t have something planned. I have been so fortunate to be apart of a wonderful mommy group and have met so many new friends for myself, my husband and Henry. It has been so fun watching all the babies grow and have their first…

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Bone Marrow Soup

Okay okay, that sounds gross I know. I got all excited when I was making my soup and texted my mother only for her to text back “Ugh! That sounds disgusting!” But seriously, it’s delicious and so good for you (more on that later). I have been inspired lately by one of my friends and fellow mommy’s to start branching…

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Five Things Friday

I have obsessed over teepee’s for the longest time and have been waiting for the day when Henry can have one in his “big boy” room. That probably won’t be for another year or so but a Teepee is definitely on my Christmas wish list for him. (hint hint mom!) There are so many to choose from that I would…

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San Francisco Part 3

 Sunday we had an early start with our van picking us up at 7:45am for our Napa/Sonoma Valley Wine Tour & Muir Woods Visit. We booked this tour and the price included 3 winery tours (with wine!), transportation for the day, and a visit to Muir Woods National Park. For $95 each, it was a good price for being able to…

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San Francisco Part 2

Saturday was our biggest walking day of the trip, clocking in over 6 miles by foot and then also taking the trolly and cable cars. We started the morning out by hiking it to Little Skillet, a pop up food spot tucked away in a little ally in the China Basin district. They are known for their Chicken & Waffles…

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