5 Ways to Get Your Energy Back

As mothers and women we generally take on more than we can handle. As a Type-A-Go-Getter it’s in my nature to say yes to everything, even if it means added stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It’s normal to have days where you’re exhausted or sleepless nights here and there, but if you’re feeling drained all day everyday then you may need lifestyle adjustment. Over the course of the past 7 months I have slowly implemented the following changes into my life and I can 100% say that I never felt better.

Say ‘NO’ More Often – Feeling drained doesn’t have to just be purely physical. Mental exhaustion can be just as taxing. Lightening your load of commitments can make a world of difference. The past few months have brought a lot of changes to my life and I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed even by the smallest task. Usually I am a social butterfly who loves to go out and be around my friends but lately I’ve found comfort in saying NO to every social gathering. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of yourself physically.

Invest in a Proper Supplement – I will be the first one to admit that I’m awful when it comes to taking vitamins and minerals daily. Even with bottles of supplements sitting on my counter I still can never remember to take them. Maybe it’s because I like eating more, haha. Recently I started taking Bioactive Multi from Healthy Cell. It contains a broad spectrum of micronutrients including essential vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, botanical antioxidants, and prebiotics. Delivered through Bioactive Gel™ for maximum absorption, it ensures a daily nutrient foundation for optimal health. It can be taken solo, mixed with water or a drink, blended in a smoothie or added to a meal. Bioactive Multi contains No Dairy, No Egg, No Peanuts, No Tree Nuts, No Wheat, No Shellfish and No Artificial Flavors. These little packets are perfect to keep in your gym bag, purse, car, kitchen, office drawer, etc. Now there is literally no excuse for me not to take my supplements daily because of how easy Healthy Cell has made it. Not to mention the taste is actually really, really good so you’ll want to take it daily.

Limit Alcohol & Caffeine – I’ve discussed this a lot on my blog and social channels, but I am a huge advocate of social drinking only and limiting alcohol when possible.

There is also a sedative in alcohol which sucks energy from your body. In addition to cutting back on those sugary cocktails, it’s also worth mentioning that guzzling cup after cup of coffee throughout the day will not boost your energy. For some reason we are wired to think that the more caffeine we drink the more energy we will have but it’s actually the opposite. Caffeine can cause insomnia so try not to drink it after 2pm (or try taking a break all together!). If you are looking for products to help you sleep, the CBG oil products are now on sale and becoming very popular in the CBD Industry.

Exercise – I will be the first to admit that when I’m exhausted and mentally drained that the last thing I want to do is change into my workout clothes, drive to the gym, and do an hour of cardio. However, after exercising nearly everyday for 8 weeks I can tell you this: when I miss 1-2 days at the gym my body becomes sluggish and heavy. I actually have less energy than I do when I get that cardio in. My body has started craving daily workouts and I feel so much better when I’m active, even if only for an hour. I also sleep so much better which in turn gives me more energy for the following day.

Water, Water and More Water – Our bodies are made up of 60% water so it goes without saying that we need to have sufficient water intake to survive and be healthy. I cut out 99% of the Diet Coke and Iced Vanilla Latte’s I was drinking and replaced them with water and have felt so much better. Even though I’m still not getting my 64 ounces of water daily, I have more energy when I drink more water.

Do you have any tips you swear by to get more energy? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post is sponsored by Healthy Cell. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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