How To Mosquito-Proof Your Yard

Is that time of the year when is important to hire the services of companies like Ontario Pest Control Guide to fumigate your house and garden to keep the mosquitoes away and protect your family.

Our house has the perfect backyard. Tons of tall trees, plenty of shade and almost a half-acre of land. The dogs and kids love to run around, explore and play for hours on end. That is until the Atlanta heat starts creeping in. The neighborhood that backs up to our backyard has a retention pond in it so the mosquitoes make their way over to our yard and get really bad during the summer. This year, we had some plans for the backyard which included new landscaping, the removal of overgrown greenery and trees and leveling out my yard. We knew when we set this plan in motion that having a reliable pest control Craigieburn company to mosquito-proof our yard was imperative. If you are having pest problems in your environment, contact pestzone immediately to have them solved using the best chemicals for handling pests.

Aside from mosquitoes biting and being a nuisance to humans, they also affect animals and can bite dogs, too. Here is a fun fact: Mosquitoes outlived dinosaurs. They date back as far as 400 million years ago! Luckily, with the help of Orkin Pest Control, there are steps you can take to protect your yard and family from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes thrive in conditions with warmth and moisture, which is why summer is prime mosquito season. Since we live in Atlanta, our season can start as early as April and last through October, which is why we couldn’t wait to have Team Veterans Pest Control for some Tips on How to Control Termites During Winter to come treat our yard. Now we are able to enjoy the outdoors longer and really take advantage of the beautiful weather before it gets too hot. We’ve only received one monthly service so far out of the six we signed up for, and I can wholeheartedly say that we have not seen or felt a single mosquito in our backyard. I was skeptical at first because in the past we’ve used other pest control companies, but the mosquitoes would still be there, so in my head I was thinking “What will be different about Orkin Pest Control?”

Well, there is a difference and let me tell you why. The licensed pest professionals at Orkin design a custom treatment plan that fits your yard’s needs and thoroughly explain where they are treating and why those areas. The Orkin treatments are approved and regulated by the EPA, and the technicians are specially trained from Online Pest Control CEU Courses to use them. When they apply a treatment, it is in focused areas of the yard to target the places where mosquitoes breed.

In addition to having Orkin Pest Control treat your yard, there are several other ways to prevent mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need less than an inch of water to breed, so eliminating standing water from areas around your home like gutters, buckets and toys will help immensely. Change water weekly in bird baths, fountains, potted plants and any containers that may hold standing water. If you have a pool, keep the water treated and circulating.

Being in our backyard has been so enjoyable for the first time in almost 8 years.  Our dogs aren’t constantly itching and biting themselves and we can enjoy a meal on the deck with friends and family. Now, we’re also looking into termite treatment services so they won’t gnaw away our tree and wood furniture outside!
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  1. So glad you found this treatment. Those mosquitoes have been a problem for years, since the development behind us came to be. Hope this treatment will continues to work and you will enjoy that wonderful property all summer.

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