4 Easy Ways to Host a Summer Picnic

In the late Spring and early Summer my backyard looks the best it does all year. With lush greens, beautiful morning light, and no mosquitos, it’s the perfect place to gather friends and family. The weather was absolutely perfect last week I decided to treat myself to an outdoor picnic instead of a typical coffee date. Catching up over savory snacks and fresh air was so good for the soul! There are few things I love more than hosting friends and I would definitely consider myself a pro when it comes to entertaining. Today I’m sharing my 4 tips for hosting a picnic (which literally anyone can do!) They’re so easy and require zero investment, besides food and drinks, because you probably have everything you need inside your home.

Even though picnics are already outside and surrounded by nature, don’t let that stop you from bringing in more greenery or beautiful blooms. Adding pops of color with flowers to your setup is a relatively inexpensive way to fill the space.

You don’t need to use outdoor only blankets & pillows. If the ground is dry than bring out all the indoor blankets and textiles you need. The more the merrier, especially if you’re having several people. No one wants to sit on dirt and be uncomfortable, so think of it like you’re decorating your living room. Think outside the box. Mix colors and blend textures. Don’t be afraid of color because after all, you’re probably doing it for the ‘gram anyway.

Keep food simple. Picnic food should be finger food items like small sandwiches, cheese and crackers, mini cupcakes and a veggie platter. Having to cut food with a santoku knife and fork on your lap sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Plus, everything mentioned can be bought pre-made at your local grocery store which saves you time and your sanity. It’s also crucial to have the very best picnic basket as that makes such a huge difference to your picnic. Leave the silverware at home and bust out those beautiful cloth napkins you save for special occasions and you’re set!

Don’t forget the wine! I don’t know about you, but sitting outside on the ground for a few hours without having a drink in my hand doesn’t sound like that much fun. While I’m not a huge drinker I do enjoy having a glass or two of wine socially with my friends. I love white wine and Butter Chardonnay has become a favorite of mine recently. They just introduced a 4-pack of Chardonnay cans which are perfect for a picnic, especially if you’re having one at a local park or public beach. No glass=no mess! Having the cans means you don’t have to pack cups either, so it’s one less thing to forget. It’s best to drink this wine in the right temperature so make sure to invest in premium wine coolers.

When was the last time you threw a picnic? What is the one must-have item on your picnic list?


  1. Your pictures are seriously insanely good! So fun. Now I am hungry and need a glass of wine!

  2. Sending link to one of my best friends who hosts all our parties. Perfect weather for a picnic.

  3. I love the way you incorporate live greenery into the set up. Simply beautiful.

  4. Love this post!!! Super duper beautiful! I mean color coordination is on point!!! Also I just read your bio for the first time and it’s 200% amazing!!! You are truly a great inspiration girl!!!

  5. We have a picnic every Easter lunch so that was our last picnic. The one item you need on our picnics are pie or cake.

  6. Fave picnic food for this girl? Gimme all the wine, the Brie and crackers! (And if you threw on some fried chicken, I wouldn’t be mad!)

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