Five Things Friday: Educational Toys {Age 4}

Henry’s favorite toys at this age are legos, transformers, and trucks. All things that his sister wants nothing to do with, besides eating the lego heads. These are also all toys which we have so many of and make constant sounds. If I step on one more transformer at 5am going down the dark stairs I just may burn them all. All kidding aside, while I love that Henry gets so much joy out of these toys, I also want him to learn how to get enjoyment out of toys that don’t come from a TV show and have flashing lights. I’ve rounded up my top 5 educational toys for you today!Miniature Bowling Set – This is such a fantastic game for the bigger kids (3 and up). Henry can play this for 30+ minutes at a time which helps me unload the dishwasher and tidy the living room before daddy gets home! The pins and ball come in their own muslin bag and are hand carved and waxed. This set would make an awesome baby shower gift and can be used as decor until children are old enough to play with it.

Wooden Toy Camera – My children have had cameras shoved in their face since they came into this world. It’s just how I am. I photograph everything and love to document our lives. Henry has picked up my habits and pretends to take pictures of our animals, his legos, and our family. This play wooden camera can be customized with your child’s name on the back too, making it another great gift or stocking stuffer.



Fabric Letters & Numbers – This set is fantastic for preschoolers who are starting to recognize their letters and also learning to spell. All the letters and number come in a cute bag which is perfect for road trips or sleepovers at grandmas house. I love how each letter has a different pattern and that they’re soft. We are starting to teach Henry how to spell basic 3 letter words and these are a great tool.


Pawtoo Toys – This company offers an array or organic and natural wooden toys. Henry loves the Jigsaw Elephant Puzzle and the Lacing Cheese. They both help to calm and focus his mind if he is having a meltdown or hulking into a fournager. I love that these are also gender neutral so Evelyn can use down the road. Not to mention they are handmade in the USA and inspire creative play. buy desyrel online no prescription



Wooden Peg Figures – Like most little boys, Henry is obsessed with superheroes. It’s so funny that he knows all their names even though he has never watched Iron Man or Captain America. Pegs n’ Things offers any kind of figurine you could imagine. They all get handpainted, making no two alike. Henry loves taking his Batman and Spiderman with him everywhere he goes and insists that they need to watch him use the bathroom so they too can become potty trained. buy diflucan online no prescription
How crazy is it that there is only a week and a half left in August? Not that I am complaining because that means Fall is right around the corner. Here’s to soaking up all that summer time this weekend! Happy Friday! buy amoxicillin online no prescription



  1. I love this! I am going to have to remember this post when Piper gets a bit older and can start actually playing with toys. That Miniature Bowling Set is too cute!

  2. These are the cutest toys!! Henry and Elliot would be bffs. Elliot puts his superheros on the nightstand because he says they will watch him sleep. Creepy but cute haha!

  3. I love the Pawtoo Toys Cheese block, such a great way for the kids to learn and play at the same time. Wooden toys in general are the best!

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