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It probably comes as no shock when I say that my almost four year old son is obsessed with Legos. Literally obsessed. He loves to build, tear apart and rebuild. A few weeks ago we planned a trip to LegoLand Discovery Center in Atlanta with Henry, myself and husband. We left Evelyn with my mom so we could have some quality time with Henry. Being that Evelyn is only 16 months old, she wouldn’t have enjoyed herself since 99% of the actives are for older kids (however children 2 and under have free admission). We were able to really experience LegoLand and all it had to offer without having to worry about pushing a stroller or rushing to leave for Evelyn’s nap. We also were not the only parents with this mindset because all the children I saw there that day were at least 3 years old and up.

LegoLand is located in the heart of Buckhead in Phipps Plaza on the third floor. It is promoted as an indoor discovery center and playground. From the moment you step off the elevator you are hit with all things Lego. We arrived right when it opened at 10am and stayed for about two hours. There is endless entertainment, building stations, climbing stations, slides, karaoke, a cafe, rides and a 4D movie theater which plays several different short films throughout the day. There is a helpful countdown clock at the theater entrance so you know when the next showing is.

Henry has been to LegoLand once before with my mom but this was our first time. Trust me when I say he never forgot a single thing he did there, even after a year from his first visit. He was so excited that he woke up at 3am Sunday morning saying it was time to “shoot the bad guys!” LegoLand has an interactive ride where you can “shoot” bad guys on the screen in order to rescue the princess. They also take your picture while riding on the ride which you can purchase after for $12. Totally worth it  since you get a 5×7 size and the option to go online and download and print more. The keepsake is so sweet and Henry chose to hang the picture in his room.

The race car station allowed children to build their own cars and then send them flying down a ramp to see if the cars would get enough momentum to land in the bucket. Henry loved the building part but the bigger kids definitely loved the racing!
There is an earthquake table which Henry and my husband both enjoyed. They spent nearly 20 minutes at that station building the tallest buildings and then setting off the earthquake and seeing whose building could stay up the longest. There are stations everywhere and they are nicely spread out. The center never felt crowded, even when it got busier as the day went on.
My favorite part was the Lego recreation of Atlanta. From Turner Field to the Varsity, the entire city was built made out of Lego’s. It was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. Most of the Dad’s in attendance seemed to love this room the most 🙂 Did you know there are 62 lego bricks for every person on Earth? The fact that there are more legos in existence than people blows my mind. Lego takeover anyone?

Henry’s favorite part of Lego Land was by far the new Pirate Island Adventure cove which had a great indoor climbing and play area, a lego build station and even a water build station where kids could build pirate ships in the water and send them floating down to the bottom. Your child will definitely get wet here, which is part of the experience, so be sure to keep that in mind when dressing them for the adventure!

After finishing up in the discovery center you are taken to the incredible Lego shop which is a mecca for kids. They have every building set you could imagine and a ton of fun accessories. I personally wanted the pink lego backpack but my husband vetoed that idea. LegoLand even offers hosted birthday parties that include pizza, drinks, a private party room and plenty of play time.

After Lego Land we had lunch right across at Johnny Rocket’s. We finished out our day with milkshakes, root beer floats, french fries and old fashioned burgers. It reminded me of times when my dad and I would go there because he always loved the Johnny Rockets milkshakes.

He had a smile on his face the entire time and I haven’t seen him that happy in a while. I knew he loved being able to spend time with his parents alone and have the focus solely be on him. After Evelyn joined our family a lot of my attention went to her, naturally since she is a lot younger and cannot do anything on her own yet, so my time with Henry was cut short in a lot of ways. Spending the afternoon together with just the three of us reminded me that I need to take more time and do one on one activities that just involve the three of us or even him and me. Experiencing LegoLand together was such incredible and I highly recommend it for kids 3 and up. If you have an older child, it’s ideal for a solo date with just them. You can find more information about tickets, hours and location on their website.

*Thank you to Lego Land Atlanta for providing tickets for our visit. As always, all opinions expressed are my own*




  1. That looked like such a fun day!! Milly loves Legos and we are planning on taking her in the next few weeks before baby gets here. Now I'm even more excited!!

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