Chemical Free Baby Products

Becoming a mother instantly makes you a fierce protector of your children. From what they eat, to who is allowed to drive them in a car and especially the products that go on their skin. I have always wanted only natural and chemical free washes and shampoos for both my kiddos. Luckily there is no shortage of brands out there and ample options. Today I am sharing some of my favorite companies including  Good Bubble!
This company has the best smelling bubble baths. The cranberry and mandarin wash smells like Christmas and my son even noticed how sweet the scent is. Usually, he is too busy playing or splashing water in his sister’s face to notice yummy smells. They have seasonal scents and I always stock up on the Fall & Winter bundles since those are my favorite months with the best smells.



I don’t think there is a mother out there who hasn’t heard of Honest products, but just because they’ve been around for a while doesn’t mean I can’t include them. Their face + body lotion is a household staple. There is no scent, it’s lightweight, non-greasy and absorbs fast. I love the new pump packaging for their shampoo and body wash and their breath easy rub definitely helps when my kids start to get the sniffles, plus it smells incredible. I also keep their spray sunscreen in the car, which I highly recommend doing no matter what brand you use. Sunscreen is key for little one’s delicate skin and your own! buy valtrex online no prescription


Burt’s Bees was the first organic brand I started using when Henry was born, over four years ago. Their products have never let me down and I’ve used them for years on myself. I always add a few drops of their baby oil to the kids’ bath and it makes their skin so soft and moisturized. A few other favorites: Wash & Shampoo, Baby Wipes, and Bubble Bath.


I was introduced to this brand while pregnant with Henry. I use their fragrance-free bubble bath the most with the kids and love that it’s made with plant-based, certified organic ingredients and is free of perfumes, dyes, parabens, sulfates, etc. Babyganics make a wide range of products that extend outside of skincare. There is dish soap, toy & high chair cleaner, laundry detergent, etc. I’ve never been disappointed with any of their products. buy wellbutrin online no prescription


A few weeks ago I highlighted a newer company, Grace Mabel, and their range or products. They are also another favorite of mine. Head here to read more about them. I love finding out about new brands, what are some of your favorites? Happy last Monday of September! buy zithromax online no prescription


Toddler Snacks: 18 Months

Evelyn has always been quite the snacker. She could literally eat all day long if there was enough food around. There are never enough hours in the day to constantly be chopping and prepping food so healthy premade snacks are a life saver. My diaper bag is always packed with the following: Pouches, Cheerios, Soft Granola Bars, a sippy cup with water and an assortment of snacks from one of my new  favorite brands, NurturMe. All their food is organic, gluten-free, NON-GMO verified, Kosher, made in the USA and no added preservatives. I mean seriously, what more could a parent want out of a brand when it comes to providing healthy food for their little ones? There is a variety of snacks and cereals that are perfect for babies and toddlers. Evelyn’s favorites are the Quinoa Squares and Dried Fruit. I also really love how this company gives back a portion of sales to help Peruvian children. Now, without further ado, please enjoy pictures of Evelyn stuffing her face while looking adorable 🙂
Romper & Bow: June & January
A big thank you to NurturMe for providing Evelyn with some seriously yummy food! All opinions expressed are her own 🙂

Summer Beauty Must Haves


There are so many products I am loving this summer. We are in the midst of the never-ending heat wave here in Atlanta and these items have been a life saver. I always love finding new products to use so I thought I would share what has been working for me!


Lavanila Deodorant – I’m slowly trying to purge my body of harsh chemicals, including aluminum. I’ve tried a few natural deodorants over the past few months and nothing has even come close to the Vanilla Grapefruit scent. I love how smooth the stick is and it has a cooling feeling after applying. It’s made from 100% all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes. There are over 10 different scents and I can’t wait to try them all out. The stick seems to last a while and even after working out, I don’t sweat or smell at all. I was hesitant to change to an aluminum free deodorant in fear of stinking up my house but that hasn’t happened yet, whew!Thieves Toothpaste – There isn’t one person out there who hasn’t heard of essential oils. Thieves is one of the most popular oils, known for its cleaning power and immunity support. I love how clean my mouth feels after I brush my teeth. The mouthwash is in the queue for my next order!
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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Urbana Wellness Spa in Atlanta. While I was there I had the opportunity to learn about some of the products they carry and test out their services. Everything was amazing and I cannot wait to go back for a spa day. They carry a line called Image Skincare and I picked up some of the SPF 50 for my face. Usually, I wear an SPF 25 but I have noticed I wasn’t getting as much protection as I need so I opted to try a higher SPF. I cannot rave about this sunscreen enough. It goes on smooth underneath my makeup and leaves no greasy residue. I have combination skin but haven’t broken out once since using this the past month.
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Mai Tai Spritzer – If you have a Dry Bar near you I hope you’ve had the chance to get a blowout done. Your hair not only looks amazing but smells incredible too. There are so many Dry Bar products that I love but my favorite for summer is definitely the Mai Tai Spritzer. I rarely blow dry my hair in the summer because the heat and humidity just ruin it as soon as I step outside. I spray this on my damp hair and by the time my hair is dry I have a ton of texture and volume.

Charcoal Konjac Sponge – I’ve been using this scrub sponge since February after receiving it in my Julep box. I love how it gentle it is for everyday use and how it exfoliates my skin. It can be used with any cleanser or oil and makes my skin feel so smooth afterward. I use it at night and follow with a rich night cream so my skin can repair itself while I sleep. *I haven’t been using the same sponge, you need to throw it away after 3 months but the price is great*
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Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water – I saw this in the checkout temptation aisle at Sephora last month and thought I would give it a try. It has a dual use: spray on your face before makeup and also afterward to set your makeup. There is no alcohol in this so it won’t dry your skin and my face never feels oily or heavy. This primer sprays as a mist and even the travel size will last you a long time.

What products can you not go without this summer? I would love to hear in the comments below!

ZDough Review & Coupon Code

I am so excited to share a fun and natural play dough company with you today! This play dough is all natural and scented with essential oils. I’ve recently introduced my family to all the benefits of essential oils this year so
to see oils in the ingredient list was very reassuring. If you’re looking to experiment with essential oils, Buy neem oil online to start with. ZDough (named for the creators daughter Zadie) is made from all food-grade ingredients: flour, water, salt, cream of tarter, oil food coloring, essential oils, baking flavors and spices. This combination is much safer for your children than the ingredients in Hasbro Play-Doh which has 9 non food-grade ingredients, including fragrance (the worst)! If you are looking for a safer form of play dough for your children to play with, this is it. buy amoxicillin online no prescription





There are 14 different colors and scents to choose from. The four I selected were
blueberry, eucalyptus, lavender and candy apple. They all smell amazing
and most importantly, they’re chemical free. They come packaged so cutely in their own little tin can with labels on the bottom. Henry and Evelyn’s named were hand stamped in the dough, which was Henry’s favorite part. He recently learned how to spell and recognize his name so anytime he sees it he gets excited. buy amoxil online no prescription



The texture is very smooth and has no lingering chemical smells, except for the sweet aroma of the essential oils. Every ZDough has it’s own scent which is beneficial for kids exploring their senses. There was no residue left over on our hands (yes, even I took part in playing with the ZDough). It rolled out very flat and was easily molded into shapes and animals. Henry loves cutting out heart shapes with an old cookie cutter that was my mothers. buy anafranil online no prescription





ZDough is celebrating their two year anniversary and offering a coupon code for 20% off all orders $20+. These make the best party favors, gifts or stocking stuffers and there are so many wonderful colors and scents to choose from. The sale runs until Sunday and enter code TURNING2 at checkout. Thank you, ZDough for coming out with such a safe product for my children to use!


Happy Friday the 13th, friends! Hope you have plenty of time to watch some scary movies tonight after you put the kids to bed 🙂
*ZDough provided me with the play dough. As always, all opinions expressed are my own*

Sweet Potato Sunday!

Before Henry was born I knew I wanted to make his food and I wanted him to eat all organic and homemade (I even make the rice and oatmeal). He first started having solids at 4 1/2 months and we’ve been lucky in that he hasn’t been allergic to anything. I look forward to our grocery trips to Whole Foods and Fresh Market to get new goodies. Lately I have been trying more finger foods (chicken, scrambled eggs, and shredded cheese). This weekend I decided to make some baked sweet potato fries. I ended up cutting them into chunks which are perfect for his little fingers. Some of my slices were a little thin which resulted in getting slightly burnt (but the dogs sure enjoyed them!) Next time I will try longer slices so they’re more like a french fry. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend!

Five Things Friday

Anyone that knows me knows I have a slight obsession with shopping. Okay, maybe not so slight (just ask my husband). There are so many amazing products out there that I want to share so I’ve decided to start a weekly column with five of my favorite Etsy finds. This week is all about blankets. Henry has so many blankets and I sometimes wish we lived in Alaska so I would have an excuse to buy more. My favorites usually always include a pattern … I think everything should be covered in pattern and I am slowly incorporating it into all aspects of my life. Check out these fun blankets from these Etsy sellers:

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