Halloween 2015

The past six weeks it has rained probably 4 times a week here in Atlanta. Luckily the rain held out  on Halloween so I’m not complaining. The weather on Saturday was perfect. Nice and chilly in the morning and it warmed up a little by the time we headed out trick or treating. We are finally at the age where we can take Henry to different actives and he can really understand and participate in what’s going on. There were three different trick or treats this year starting with trunk or treat at the Johns Creek Police Department. Henry chose to be Captain America and I chose a flamingo costume for Evelyn. When I saw it for $20 at Target I could not pass it up. We had some pink Gap tights already which matched perfectly. The officers, staff and firemen at Trunk or Treat were so nice to all the kids and Henry had a blast seeing all the police men. He is obsessed with taking his sister to jail when she does something he thinks is bad 🙂 buy strattera online https://salempregnancy.org/wp-content/languages/new/strattera.html strattera no prescription
Saturday morning was trick or treating at the Avalon and Henry wore his Captain America costume again. A friend of mine had the best idea of twinning with our baby girls and I am shocked I was able to put together our matching costumes within two days. I borrowed a Mandy Tangerine Baby Turban from a friend, and found the rest of the costume at Target (leggings, cami and perfectly matching sweater just like mine, also from Target). I completed the look with mommy and me Starbucks cups. buy remeron online https://salempregnancy.org/wp-content/languages/new/remeron.html remeron no prescription
Every year we always have a mini Halloween party at our house before we head out to trick or treat. We had plenty of cookies, cupcakes and candy to last us for days. For dinner we chose a build your own nacho and taco bar which was super easy. We prepped, chopped and cooked everything at nap time and put in the crock pots/serving dishes just before friends came over. It was a super easy and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food.

For Halloween night the kids costumes of course had to have a theme. Since Henry is obsessed with fire trucks, he was a Fire Chief and Evelyn was his trusty dalmatian puppy. It was the perfect duo for the ages (almost 3.5 and 9.5 months). Just like in years past, I always take our “formal” costume pictures the day or two before Halloween. The day of is so chaotic and you run the risk of not getting good photos or having your child spill candle wax all over his costume (like last year). On Friday we visited our local fire department to get a few pictures. They were so nice and accommodating and let Henry check out all the ladders, sit in the drivers seat, turn on the sirens, etc. buy imuran online https://salempregnancy.org/wp-content/languages/new/imuran.html imuran no prescription

This marks four years now where we’ve spent Halloween with our sweet friends. I love our little tradition and seeing the kids grow.
Now that November is basically booked up with Momsgiving, Play group Friendsgiving, a concert, family pics and of course actual Thanksgiving with family in town I feel that this month is going to fly by and Christmas will be here before we know it!

Halloween Favorites

You know fall is right around the corner when Gap breaks out the Halloween pajamas. I almost screamed in excitement when I saw them on their site a few days ago. Then I started frantically searching other online shops to see if they had their Halloween clothing out yet and low and behold … they did! I am dying over these mummy PJs for Henry and this cat nightgown for Evelyn. We are suckers for anything cats (well mostly just me). I really need to start a petition to have Gap make adult Halloween pajamas.
This year is going to be extra special because I have a little sweet baby to experience this holiday with. It has been so fun in the past dressing Henry in themed gear for nearly 7 weeks (let’s face it, I start busting out the Halloween clothes mid September). But this year I get to play around with tutu’s and booties and bows … OH MY! I also finally decided on our family costumes and cannot wait to get started on decorating the house. I say this ever year, but fall is THE best time of the year for our family. We always have the best time and have loved creating little traditions together.
I am obsessed with the clothes and accessories I have seen this week and cannot wait to start hoarding for the kids. Since I cannot dress them in pajamas all month, I have chosen a few key pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. Enjoy!
Baby Girl: Onesie // Head Wrap // Tutu // Booties
Toddler Boy: Mask // Hoodie // Jeans // Shoes

UP Halloween Costume

Happy November! Yesterday in Atlanta was super cold and windy, so we hung out inside in our PJs all day relaxing around the fire after a super fun (and long) Halloween. We had friends over on Friday for dinner and sweets before we headed out to go trick or treating. This year was so much different than last year, where Henry and his friends stayed in the wagon and I collected his candy. This year, Henry wanted to run to each house and was obsessed with ringing the doorbell as many times as possible and grabbing as much candy as his little hands could carry. He was even trying to go into people’s homes 🙂  Before Henry was born, I had seen these photos of the UP Halloween costume and I knew that one day he would dress up as Carl. Luckily he owned all parts of his costume and my husband made his “cane” out of PVC pipe, tennis balls and spray paint. It has definitely been the cutest one yet! Our dog Dixie slightly resembles Dug from the movie and they looked so cute together.
Blue Cords /  Moccasins / Cardigan, H&M (sold out, similar here) / Bow TieGlasses
My mom and I decorated the “party room” as Henry calls it and made some treats and punch for the party. They were definitely the most fun to make and very festive. Henry loved showing all of our friends who came over the room and when we were decorating it he would say “wow, perfect! I love it!”
I already can’t wait for next year when we will have TWO kids to dress up 🙂 Also, there are only 7 Sunday’s before Christmas and 9 Sunday’s before our new baby joins our family!

Weekend Wrap Up

The first weekend of October is always one of our favorites. My husband’s birthday is on the 5th and along with that celebrating we also head up to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm to get our pumpkins for the season. This was our third year going as a family and definitely Henry’s favorite. This time he was old enough to pick out his own pumpkins (all 300 of the little ones that wound up in our wheelbarrow), “ride” the tractor and we even went on hay ride. He was such a good boy and had so much fun running free and exploring. It’s crazy to think that next year we will be going with a 3 year old and a 10 month old! 

After the farm on Saturday we went to visit my best friend and her husband at the hospital. She had just given birth to their baby girl the day before and I was so anxious to meet her. She is such a sweetie and is just perfect. Our daughters will only be 3 months apart and it will be so fun watching them grow up together. I can’t wait to see her again soon <3

 On Sunday my husband turned 33. I let him sleep him and woke up with Henry at 6:30 (not by choice. Our son is an early bird!) I made him french toast on sourdough bread which was so good and we relaxed around the house for a few hours. We had a sitter come for Henry so we could have an adult day. My mom and her husband treated us to Top Golf (our first time!) It is such a fun place and the weather was crisp and cool, perfect for an outdoor day. The food was also very good (I was expecting bar food) and there were a lot of options to choose from. There were also TVs in our bay and the Falcons game was playing … so perfect. 

Tomorrow we are extending the celebration with dinner with some friends at Pampas Steakhouse and then it’s back to Halloween and Fall activities 🙂 

Brian Urlacher Costume

Happy November 1st! I am not sure where the month of October went but Halloween was so much fun this year. We had 10 of our friends come over (5 couples and their toddlers/babies) with a total of 12 adults and 6 kids. It was the perfect size group. This year was Henry’s second Halloween but his first one trick or treating. For his costume, we decided on Brian Urlacher from the Chicago Bears. My husband has joked that he has always resembled Urlacher because he is bald (for the most part) and rarely smiles in pictures. See the resemblence below? 🙂
Since my husband and I love dressing up for Halloween, we are all about the family costume. I went as a Chicago Bears fan (which involved me wearing a Bears t shirt. I know, how original) and the hubs went as the SNL Da Bears Superfan. We ordered him a vintage Bears sweatshirt from Ebay and he completed the look with aviators, a Bears hat, cigar and stick on mustache. Here is a refresher from the SNL skits:
And my husband with his mini Brian Urlacher!




After pictures our friends came over and we drank some margaritas, caught up and feasted on tacos! We were in charge of the taco bar and drinks and everyone else brought a side. It was so easy to do. Everything tasted amazing! My friends all did the best Halloween themed treats and they were almost too pretty to eat!






Here is a better shot of the Seven Layer Spider Dip my friend Kelly made:
My friend Joleen made these incredible chocolate and caramel apples too! {thanks for the pics!}


After dinner and lots of crying babies, we decided it would be best to get the gang outside for pictures and then trick or treating! We only hit 4 houses and I think that was our limit because a few of the kiddos (mine included) were over it! They really didn’t have any idea what was going on, they just thought they were going on a big group walk with friends.








{carrying Henry’s helmet with candy and my drink of course}


{sweet Harper giving Henry a kiss}




I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

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Five Things Friday

Can you believe Halloween is just 6 days away? Where did October go? As much I love this cold weather and the holiday season, it would be nice for time to slow down. My baby is growing up too fast and will be 16 months old on Monday. No me gusta. Anyway, since this is the last Five Things Friday post before Halloween, I thought I would share my five ten favorite Halloween ideas! Come on, could I really only pick five? And seriously, I cannot wait for Henry to ride a bike so we can do the ET Halloween costume (ok, I can wait).

It’s the last weekend of October, how are you going to celebrate? 

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Let’s Talk About Fall Y’all

If you are a fellow Georgian like myself, you are probably over this shit weather we have had all summer. You know, the kind that rains every single day for weeks straight and then has a blanket of humidity that wraps itself around you as soon as you step outside. If you know me in real life, you hear me complain about this in nearly every conversation we have. (sorry!) But seriously, I am ready for Fall to be here. It’s my favorite time of year … the crisp air, scarves, long sleeves, football, apple cider, Halloween, pumpkins, warm colors, Starbucks drinks, etc. I have to stop myself or this list would keep on going. We even had pumpkin pancakes TWICE bed this weekend at 10pm. Don’t judge, they were amazing. I have been ordering the Carmel Apple Spice from Starbucks for weeks and wearing a jacket whenever I feel any sort of breeze. Henry has gotten into the fall spirit too by only eating the Pumpkin, Cranberry & Apple Earth’s Best Pouch. I tried some and I have to admit I see his point. Every store I go into already has their Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations up and I am itching to start decorating.

{Pumpkin Pancakes as Friday/Sunday night 4th meal}
{jacket and a caramel apple spice}

{Henry’s favorite fall pouch}

Speaking of Fall and Football, last weekend we had our NFL Fantasy Draft party! This year is my first year playing fantasy and after years of watching The League and The Falcons, I think I am ready (and my husband has taught me well). We have an awesome fantasy league with fun people and are so grateful to our friends for hosting and organizing. I cannot wait for game days this fall with the babies and friendly competition. I think we all wound up having decent teams and although I didn’t get all of my first picks, I still have a well rounded line up that includes Tony Gonzalez, Colin Kaepernick, Ray Rice, Steve Smith and Mike Nugent to name a few. 
{leave it to my kid to be eating straight outta the cheese puff tub}
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! 3 day weekends are the best aren’t they?

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