Transitioning from a Crib to a Bed

Now that Evelyn is settled in her big girl room, establishing a nighttime routine has been tricky. Prior to her sleeping in a twin bed, she slept in her crib with a tent over it. I would have kept her in that crib for as long as possible because she couldn’t climb out, so she had no other option but to fall asleep, and stay asleep, at night. Unfortunately, her being able to run free in her bedroom has definitely posed a challenge for us at bedtime. From playing dress up for the 100th time to feeding her baby dolls their 12th meal, Evelyn was so preoccupied with playtime that she wasn’t sleeping. That lack of sleep really affected her personality throughout the day but luckily we’ve integrated a few tricks that seem to have gotten her back on track.

Prior to moving her out of a crib, we never had a nighttime routine because she knew that crib equals to bed time. If you also have babies in your cribs, it pays dividends if you invest in blankets, such as those personalised baby blankets, so they can be extra comfortable which will result in them sleeping faster. She had no toys to play with and most importantly, couldn’t get out of bed. In her new room she has this sense of freedom so she takes longer to fall asleep. Transitioning her to a bed wasn’t the hard part because once she was asleep, she would stay asleep all night (and not fall out of bed, thank God!) What we discovered is that we needed to eliminate and change a few things that were prohibiting her from getting to sleep.

1. Nightlight & sound machine – In the past we always had white noise playing in her room at night but this go round I let her pick out a sound machine from the store. I know they are usually meant for babies but Evelyn said she wanted music and since The Greatest Showman soundtrack wasn’t an option, we went with lullabies. This machine has several sounds that Evelyn can choose from as well as a projector for the ceiling. I found the most beautiful, handmade porcelain nightlight from Little Belle Nightlight’s. Each one is intricately carved and hand painted with non-toxic glaze over a 30 day process. The pink and white fairy house goes perfectly with Evelyn’s room!

2. Covers for the light switch – Evelyn never really cared about messing with light switches until she wasn’t in a crib anymore. For nearly a week she was sleeping with her ceiling light on which wasn’t good at all for her little eyes. My husband discovered these magnetic switch outlet covers for her light switch and it has worked wonders!

3. New pajamas – Raise your hand if you love matching your little in the clothing department? It’s no secret that I love twinning with Evelyn any chance I get, so when I discovered Leveret pajamas, I knew I had to get matching sets for us. Aside from having adorable patterns and prints, Leveret also offers Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton pajamas for the whole family as well. The majority of their pajamas sets are under $40 and the quality is superb. The fabric is soft and stretchy and I feel better knowing Evelyn is sleeping in pajamas that aren’t irritating her skin. From seasonal to holiday themed sets, Leveret is a one-stop pajama shop. Evelyn loved getting new pajamas as a celebration for transitioning into a big girl bed and it definitely helped boost her moral and made her want to stay in bed!

Have you moved your child to a big kid bed yet? How did the transition go? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments! Thank you to Leveret for sponsoring this post!

Evelyn’s Pajamas – Bird // Stripe / My Pajamas – Bird // Stripe


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