Halloween Bingo with Welch’s

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When September 1st rolled around, all I could think about was Halloween. I am one of those people who literally eats, sleeps and breaths Halloween. That has rubbed off on my children and it’s so fun to experience holidays through your kids eyes. I try to plan festive activities throughout the month to really keep the excitement going. I have nearly 31 Halloween themed books and we read a new one each night, we watch movies, bake cupcakes, drive around and look at decorations and eat way too much candy corn. Now that my kids are getting older, I want to incorporate more holiday themed games into the mix. They are finally at the age where they can understand rules … getting them to follow them is another thing 🙂

We also know that little bellies get hungry very often so before I transform our kitchen table into a game station, I prep some snacks to ward off any hangry kids. My kids absolutely love Welch’s Fruit Snacks and they are so convenient for all stages of busy motherhood. Not only are Welch’s Fruit Snacks my go-to snack of choice after school, but they’re also great in lunches too. Fruit is the first ingredient and Welch’s Fruit Snacks have 100% daily value of vitamin C and 25% daily value of vitamins A & E. 

I have adapted the classic bingo game to be more toddler friendly. Here are the two printables that you can download: halloween bingo board and halloween bingo pieces. One is your basic bingo board and the other includes your icons, or pieces for the board. Cut out all the Halloween icons and give to your child so they can arrange on the board however they want, trust me they will get a kick out of this. If they’re old enough to use child friendly scissors, then the big kids can do this part too. Once they have laid out their pieces, hand out the Welch’s Fruit Snacks for them to use as their markers. I end up giving my kids two bags each because they always end up eating all their pieces, haha. Halloween Bingo is such a great game to play with your kids. If your little ones are too young to grasp the concept, you can always just tell them to place the fruit snack on the picture instead of calling out the usual bingo terms. This activity has been such a life saver for long days when the kids are getting restless. It’s also helped me with nap time because I promise Halloween bingo if they sleep 🙂

We’ve played this a few times now and my kids love matching the fruit snacks to everything on the board. It’s gotten to the point where Henry now tells Evelyn where to place her markers and the basis of the game goes completely out the window. I love that they are using their imagination and having fun, which is what childhood is all about. While I was at the store grabbing the fruit snacks I picked up some inexpensive Halloween items for the kids. Some fake fingers, vampire teeth and sunglasses really add to the festive game and make it way more fun. Trying to watch kids pick up fruit snacks with long witches fingers on is hilarious to everyone.

Without Welch’s Fruit Snacks, I don’t think Halloween Bingo would be as great. Want more info on Welch’s Fruit Snacks? Click here for more details.

Are you as excited for Halloween was I am? Tell me what games and activities you like to do with your family!


  1. My son is soooo obsessed with Welchs fruit snacks. He thinks they’re all of the food groups. He’s a little too young for Bingo now but next year I am definitely doing this!

  2. I miss the days of driving around blow up hunting with the kids, but they still trick or treat for a little while longer. Those fruit snacks look good and have some vitamins for growing kids.

  3. I SO love how healthy Welch’s is! I really enjoy their snacks and their drinks as well. I think it’s awesome to play this game for Halloween! I’m sure the kids will have so much fun.

  4. This Halloween bingo board is adorable and incorporating the Welch’s fruit snacks is a great idea. They seem much healthier than many of the fruit snacks out there.

  5. My brother has been eating these fruit snacks for so long! He is in his 40’s now and I still give him a box every year for his birthday – he loves them that much!!

  6. I have always loved Welch’s fruit snacks. They are the best tasting to me. Halloween Bingo sounds like a great game to play with my kids’ classmates during their halloween parties.

  7. Halloween bingo is the perfect excuse to play with your food. It’s also a fun activity to do with the kids that doesn’t revolve around candy and isn’t your typical halloween game.

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