Living in the South we are no strangers to the blistering sun and long, hot days. Practicing safe sun care has been instilled in me since I was a child. Now that I’m a mother, it’s so important for me to pass on these habits to my children. It seems like our days are constantly getting hotter and hotter and sunscreen is so important now more than ever.  I want to share with you tips some of which you can learn in depth at first aid london so everyone can have a happier, safer Summer!  

SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN – I cannot stress this enough when it comes to young and old skin. It’s never too late to start taking better care of your skin and applying sunscreen is always step, learn more at opulent skin care 1. UVB Rays can burn year-round, that is why it’s important to always wear sunscreen, not just in the summer months. A sunburn is an immediate reaction, but damage from the sun happens over a lifetime. My sweet Henry inherited his mama’s fair skin and will burn in a heartbeat if not lathered in sunscreen every 2 hours. I definitely try and have him wear a rash guard when possible but sometimes he just refuses, which I totally get. I wouldn’t want to swim in a long sleeve shirt all the time either! There is so much more to sunscreen these days. From sprays, sticks, lotions and creams, it can be hard to filter through all the options.

My absolute favorite brand for my children is Blue Lizard. Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen originated in Australia, where standards for sunscreen are the highest in the world. They made EWG’s 2017 List for Best Scoring Kids Sunscreens. This is a huge factor for me as a mom. Our skin is our bodies largest organ so what goes on it, goes in it. I always aim to choose products with the least amount of harmful chemicals in it and that is why I love Blue Lizard. The Baby Formula bottle turns pink when you are in the sun/UV light so you can remember to apply more.  You can see that the sunscreen goes on thick so a lot goes a long way. It also gives me peace of mind knowing I can see where I have applied sunscreen and where I haven’t. In the past with some spray sunscreens, I would think I was covering all the kids but in reality, a lot of the mist was blowing away in the wind. It just goes to show you that convenience isn’t always the best!

After Sun Care – Regardless whether or not you got a little pink in the sun, after sun care is still very important. I love to give the kids a cool bath with mild soap after a fun day. It helps to wash off the chemicals from the pool and any sunscreen residue left behind. I always follow up with a serum and moisturizer on my face and aloe and cbd body lotion for the rest. I make sure the kids are also moisturized from head to toe.

Hydrate – Being outside in the sun all day can take a toll on your body, and especially bodies of little ones. Make sure everyone always has enough liquids to drink at all times. I always pack a cooler of water bottles and sports drinks so there is no excuse not to drink up.

Don’t forget your Hair! After washing my hair in the shower and giving the kids hair a good scrub, I always make sure to put a large dollop of leave in conditioner in my hair and mist the kids hair with a gentle spray conditioner. Chlorine can strip your hair of its natural oils which can leave it feeling brittle. The sun can bleach our and dry your hair as well.  If you can, try wearing your hair in a top knot if you don’t plan on going under water to avoid chlorine damage or wearing a hat to protect hair (and scalp!) from the sun.

What are some pre and post sun rituals that you swear by? Be sure to leave them for me in the comments below!

Happy Swimming!

*This post was sponsored by Blue Lizard. As always, all opinions are my own*


  1. I love that you say “Don’t forget your hair” – some of the worst sunburn I’ve gotten has been down my part and it makes your whole head ache! Glad to see that you and the kiddos are enjoying the sun while being safe! 🙂

  2. Man, do I ever understand the importance of these tips as a fellow super pale person! Here’s one thing that another very, very pale person recently told me: As soon as you come in from the sun, you should splash cold water all over your skin. You know the feeling of coming home from a day at the beach and you think you didn’t get sunburned; but as the night goes on, your skin gets hotter and redder until you have a full-on burn? Apparently, it’s not just that the sunburn takes a while to show up–it’s that your skin is literally still cooking once you come inside, which cold water can alleviate. (Kind of like when you leave perfectly cooked cookies fresh from the oven on their baking sheet to cool, but they keep cooking until the bottoms burn–even though they’re not in the oven anymore!) Not sure if this is scientifically valid, but I’m sure going to give it a try!

    • That makes complete sense! I have always noticed that I get more burnt as the day/night progresses. I definitely will be trying this next time! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the tips ! We’ve just moved to where it’s hot at so this is definitely needed!

  4. Living in Australia we also have to be so careful! Hydration is a big thing too when they are little so these are such good reminders of what we should do. Good idea with the mild soap too.

  5. I started a new medication that makes me super sensitive to sun, and being from the south too, I can’t be out more than ten minutes without burning! Thanks for sharing this – I have been ALL about some sunscreen this summer!

  6. I wish I took sun protection more seriously when I was younger. Now I’m diligent about it for myself and my kids! These are great tips and I need to try this brand.

  7. So much yessss!!! I’ve been seeing a lot of articles floating around about kids NOT needing sunscreen and I’m just sitting here like, “ummmm.. what?!” LOL We practice all of these tips and I’m glad to hear you do too!

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