Gummy Vitamins – Not Just for Kids!

Vitamins have come a long way in the past few years. I can remember being pregnant with Henry five years ago and cringing every time I had to take a prenatal or adult vitamin. The smell, the taste, the plastic coating … it was awful. By the time my second pregnancy rolled around gummy vitamins had become more prominent in the marketplace. I only recently started taking daily vitamins in the last year (I know, I know).
Whether we admit it or not we all need the extra boost. I know I don’t get enough with my daily food intake but it had always been a struggle to remember to actually take the vitamins my body needed … until recently check out the best vitamins for seasonal affective disorder.

You have probably seen Smarty Pants gummy vitamins while pursuing Target on your (bi)weekly trips. Smarty Pants contain absolutely NONE of the following: synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, High Fructose Corn Syrup, GMOs, gluten, tree nut allergens, peanuts, soy, or dairy. The Women’s Complete Vitamins have never upset my stomach and instead taste like a treat. I take 3 in the morning and 3 before bed (usually on an empty stomach) and have no issues whatsoever. My husband and I loved how these tasted so much that we purchased more before the bottle was empty. I definitely noticed a difference in my energy and overall “well-being”. Even my husband, the forever skeptic, said “why can’t all vitamins taste this way?” after trying the probiotics. The Adult Probiotic Complete aids in digestion and are certified vegan and allergen-free. Probiotics give your digestive system the boost it needs by preventing lactose tolerance and helping the body digest milk products more efficiently. After trying (and loving) these delicious gummy vitamins, it would be hard to ever go back to another ancient pill. You can purchase all Smarty Pants products on their website, Amazon and in store at several retailers listed here. If you’ve tried these before, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

*This post was sponsored by Smarty Pants. As always, all opinions are my own.*


  1. I have a horrible time taking pills, including vitamins and supplements. I am so happy that they’ve provided more options for adults too. Gummies are the way to go!

  2. I still LOVE gummy vitamins. I’m such a kid I look for the ones coated in sugar. Love that they have started providing this option for adults.

  3. These are the best vitamins! I spent sooo much time scouring the shelves at the drug stores searching for just one children’s vitamin that didn’t have corn syrup and always came up short. My kids love them and even my husband will now take vitamins!

  4. I am currently living in South America. I go back to the states every summer and ALWAYS stock up on vitamins and supplements. I will definitely have to try these vitamins. I am very active and I love how gummy vitamins taste like candy. I guess it´s the feeling of being a kid again :). Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just started using these for the kids and for whatever reason I never took myself into consideration. I’m going to have to grab myself a bottle while I’m out shopping today!

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