This week is the official start of summer break for us. The kids have definitely gotten the memo because they have been sleeping in every single day. This morning Evelyn slept until 9am and I didn’t even know what to do with myself. You may have seen on my Instagram stories over the past few weeks that we’ve been getting our backyard summer ready. We’ve stocked up on kid pools, slip n slides, water tables, etc. My kids love to be outside so I wanted to share our go-to items for summer!

Popsicles and Lollipops for those sweltering July days. I keep fruit bars, coconut cream popsicles, and several kinds of lollipops on hand all the time. They’re perfect for an afternoon snack and I have been known to bribe Henry with some if he takes a nap 🙂

Bubbles & Bubble Machine – I don’t know what we did before bubble machines were invented. I just do not have the patience to blow thousands of bubbles all day. You can get bubble machines for under $15 on Amazon or at our local Target. I stock up on the huge 64-ounce bubble solution too and then buy some character bubbles when I see them at the store so the kids think they’re getting “Batman Bubbles!” or “Minnie Mouse Bubbles!” Be sure to save those character bottles too so you can add the plain solution to them. It’ll save money on buying the special ones and the kids don’t know the difference.

Chalk & Outdoor Paint – My kids love this washable chalk paint. We’ve used it the last 3 years and you cannot beat the price. This box of 126 is only $19! If you are a member of a wholesale club like Sam’s or Cotsco, be sure to check there for chalk, bubbles, lollipops etc. Buying in bulk will save you a ton of money and Sam’s Club always has the best summer toys!

Plenty of sleeveless shirts and tank tops. Summers in Georgia can be pretty miserable due to the humidity. You’ll want to have enough outdoor clothes that keep the kids cool and are also stylish and durable. I have been a huge fan of Gardner and the Gang since Henry was a baby. These tanks tops are unisex and super soft. Plus, you probably won’t see other kids at the playground wearing these which is why I love them so much. I’ll be sharing more from this amazing line this summer!

Water Balloon Filler – Just like how I’m not going to spend all day blowing bubbles, I’m also not going to ruin my finger tips filling and tying a hundred water balloons that will just break anyway. The water balloon fillers that hit the market a few years ago are a serious game changer. They’re inexpensive and make the perfect size water balloons for little hands. If you buy any toy for outside, make it this one.

What toys do your kids love for summer? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. lately my kids have been into their scooters. So much so that the Easter Bunny brought them each new ones this year. I am so happy they like playing outside.

  2. These are all great ideas! The sidewalk chalk and paint were huge for us last year. This year we may spend a bit more time in the water – they have been loving their water table!

  3. Those photos are super cute! My kids always wanted chalk and a super bouncy ball. They liked to play hours and hours of kickball or 4 square!

  4. We have bubbles, chalk and also the water balloons that fill dozens at a time with pool fun! The kids love it!

  5. We are also huge fans of the bubble machine and those self tying balloons! I can’t deal with how cute your kids are in these outfits! Amazing photos!

  6. Adorable photos. I can’t believe it is time for summer supplies already! These ideas are practical and helpful, thank you!

  7. L>oving these activities to keep the kids busy during summertime. Hey, even as an adult, I still need popsicles and water balloons! Can’t wait to revisit this list for our family vacation in a few weeks!

  8. Chalk is a must at my house! My daughter loves to draw outside on the concrete, but I have to remind her it is for outside only. A bubble machine would be super fun, I need to look into getting her one of those!

  9. Chalk and bubbles/bubble machines are a must in my house. We actually just got a bunch of outdoor stuff for our backyard. So looking forward to summer.

  10. The Bubble Machine and chalk can keep your kids entertained for hours. And of course you can’t end a hot summer day without a refreshing popsicle.

  11. I am all about the water balloon filler! Filling up those balloons is downright painful! Seriously! It kills my fingers! We also love sidewalk chalk. My son is almost 12 and we still play with it.

  12. Love the photos! They sum up summer! There is nothing better than the summer with the kids honestly! Great tips!!

  13. Your babies are adorable! Anyway, these are all must haves for the summer. Especially since the kids are out of school and are looking for activities to do throughout the day.

  14. It’s nice to keep them busy and moving during the summer and these are going to help with that. Clothing is definitely a priority as well. Comfy and light is the name of the game.

  15. We have all of these items for summer fun at our house! My daughters are two and eight years old; with the age gap they each still love all of the products you mentioned. Painting our back block wall with chalk pain is their favorite activity.

  16. Omg these photos are the cutest! And yes We have to Motivate kids to let go of all the tech gadgets and go outside to play. My godson loves chasing bubbles as much as he enjoys chasing lizards.

  17. I must admit I enjoyed the pictures more than the post. Those expressions are priceless and the kids are so so cute. Great ideas though. Thanks for sharing

  18. Awww how adorable 🙂 These pictures are so cute!!! they sure had fun taking them. These are some great Items kids definitely need for summer 🙂

  19. Look at those cuties! This is great. I love having things on hand to keep my two toddlers engaged and entertained ion hot summer days. Great ideas.

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