Combating Dry Skin & Diaper Rash with Skinfix Inc.

Today’s post is sponsored by Skinfix Inc., but my love for their products are all my own!

Since Henry was about a year old, I started noticing small raised bumps on the back of his arms and thighs. Sometimes the skin would be red and sometimes you couldn’t even see them. However, I knew they were there because of the patches of rough, bumpy skin that covered his poor legs and arms. This dryness never seemed to bother him and would come and go as the seasons changed. I tried several different lotions and creams but it never went away. Since this clearly wasn’t bothering him, I honestly forgot about it and just chalked it up to him having dry, sensitive skin. Finally at his two year checkup I remembered to ask his pediatrician about it and he informed me it was Keratosis Pilaris, which results from the buildup of keratin (a hard protein that protects skin from infection). While this is not painful or dangerous, the thought of my poor babies skin being so rough really upset me. After all, I was a first time mother and worried a lot. Over the next few year I continued to experiment with homemade creams, lotions and body wash. Nothing ever seemed to work. buy venlafaxine online no prescription

While perusing in Target, aka my mothership, I picked up some of their Eczema Balm for Henry and noticed they also have Diaper Rash Balm (double score). Since Evelyn has been teething like crazy, she has been getting some pretty mean rashes to go along with her new teeth. The balm is tinted, almost like a concealer but it does not stain your hands or get on clothes. I always apply a heavy layer at bedtime to protect her skin since she sleeps through the night for 12+ hours. It has really made a diminished the amount of rashes she has had. buy viagra black online no prescription

We have a nighttime ritual where the kids get to play in the bath for nearly an hour  with various toys. Henry gets to choose a new toy each night to take up with him (water safe of course) and I love seeing what he picks each evening. On this particular night it was mega blocks! After bath I lather the kids with lotion and spend a good hour trying to wrangle them into their beds. The Eczema Balm has really been a lifesaver for Henry’s sensitive skin. While it hasn’t cleared the Keratosis Pilaris (it will never fully go away) it has calmed the bumps and stopped them from becoming worse or inflamed. The balm goes on thick, but not greasy, and really works to moisturize the affected area. I apply the Eczema Balm before bedtime and immediately put his pajamas on so the cream can really dissolve into the skin. buy vidalista online no prescription


My favorite part about the SkinFix line is that they are fragrance free, paraben free and they use nut free ingredients. Be sure to head over to your local Target or CVS and pick up the Diaper Rash Balm, Eczema Balm, Hair & Body Wash and Lotion. (as if you needed another reason to go to Target, am I right?)




  1. Adding this to my Target list! John has my sensitive skin and thinking this is a great product to try. Thanks lady!

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