Summer Days

Is there anything worse than the humid southern heat? And is there anything better than fresh watermelon on a hot summer day? Since Henry will be starting Pre-K in August, I decided that June would be his last month of preschool, so that we could all spend time together in July. Having both kids alone five days a week is definitely a challenge but I know these moments are fleeting so I am really trying to enjoy them. This month we have swim lessons planned for Henry, a family trip to Athens, movie dates with friends and lots of indoor park play (give me that AC!) I can’t believe Evelyn will be 18 months old on the 10th and Henry just turned 4. They are both finally at an age where they like to be around each other. Henry constantly makes her laugh and has really taken to this older brother thing. He teaches her words, gets her sippy cups full of water and generally likes to boss her around, which she loves. I cannot wait to see their relationship grow and I’m really thankful that they let me take their pictures so I can document these sweet moments. I love this stage that they’re both in and wish I could freeze time, since they are changing every day. Why does childhood have to go by so fast? buy adalat online no prescription








I can’t get over her face in this last picture! She was having trouble figuring out how to eat the watermelon and was super frustrated. I love capturing their personalities and living in an age where it is totally acceptable to document everything your kids do. I’m definitely going to be that PTA mom that is constantly participating in every classroom activity 🙂 buy advair online no prescription
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

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Mother’s Day Giveaway

Happy Friday, friends! In lieu of my Friday favorites, today I am bringing you hard working mama’s some wonderful items to win for YOURSELF. Mother’s have the hardest and most important job in the world so it’s time to celebrate you with some amazing loot.

I’ve never been a huge fan of cooking, especially after taking care of the kids all day, but these hand painted bamboo kitchen utensils make me want to cook. It’s like getting a new outfit for the gym except you get to eat! There is a beautiful half painted gold jewelry dish, ideal for small trinkets, rings or earrings. At 3″ in diameter this is perfect for your nightstand table or bathroom. Plus, everything always looks better on a pretty dish. Even your wedding rings which probably haven’t been polished since the day they were purchased (or is that just me?) Next up is this beautiful gold leather key chain. Throw out the one with your college mascot and upgrade to this stat. buy zithromax online no prescription

A grey chambray eye mask for when you really need a break from the kids, work or your husband 🙂 Two rose bath bombs, pistachio macaroon whipped soap and a hand-poured soy candle to go with your bottle of wine and soak. If baths aren’t your thing, not to worry. There is also a wine glass holder for your shower. Yes, these really do exist and there is one included in this prize. Can I get an amen? Since wine is really only acceptable after 4pm, fill up on coffee the rest of the day with this adorable mug. And because I know how much coffee means to you, I’m throwing in a Starbucks card too! buy zoloft online no prescription



This beaded turquoise tassel necklace is so colorful in person and definitely dresses up a plain tee when you’re running to meet friends or go to the grocery store. It would look so cute with a maxi dress and is a great summer color. These champagne drop earrings are very lightweight and great for any occasion. They have no backings too which I love because I seem to always lose them. buy celexa online no prescription


Please check out all of these wonderful made in the USA shops below and shop small!


3D by CB – Wine Glass Holder
Cold Gold – Leather Key Chain
For Posh Sake – Coffee Mug
Honey Pie Design – Sleep Mask
Kay & Star – Tassel Necklace
The Painted Press – Gold Dish
Pink Parchment Soaps – Bath Bombs
ReInvent Home – Painted Utensils
Rustic Gem – Earrings
Simple Traditions – Whipped Soap
Starbucks Gift Card ($10 value)
The winner will receive all items mentioned above, which will ship collectively by me. The winner has 48 hours to respond to my email with their shipping information. The giveaway runs from April 29 at 9am EST to Monday, May 2 at 11:59pm EST. No purchase necessary, US shipping addresses only.Good luck and happy weekend!



In this crazy age of social media there seems to always be advice on motherhood and happy/sad/be careful articles being shared on Facebook and Twitter every time I scroll through my news feed. They get me every time. It’s like torturing yourself as a parent to read each one but I always do. I can’t remember my favorites and least favorites, nor can I tell you a profound excerpt from any of them. Until this one. This October marks five years since I’ve been reading blogs, magazines and articles about motherhood, written by mothers. Nothing has ever stood out to me as much as these words have. In fact, just one word: ALWAYS.


An excerpt written by Beverly Beckham:
Always is what you miss. Always knowing where they are. At school. At play practice. At a ballgame. At a friend’s. Always looking at the clock mid day and anticipating the door opening, the sigh, the smile, the laugh, the shrug. “How was school?” answered for years in too much detail. “And then he said . . . and then I said to him. . . .” Then hardly answered at all.


Always, knowing his friends.
Her favorite show.
What he had for breakfast.
What she wore to school.
What he thinks.
How she feels.

{June 28, 2012: The best day of my life}

{February 2013, 7 months old}
Of course I read this at midnight while trolling Facebook. In the middle of the night when mothers are so exhausted but cannot stop thinking about the days ahead and the previous day. Was I kind enough? Did I yell too much? Am I giving him the attention he deserves? Is the oven still on? You all know those wee hours when everyone else is sound asleep but you’re left with your thoughts that just won’t shut off. They play back like an awful Lifetime movie on repeat. After I cried myself to sleep I woke up the next morning a new person. A new mother even. I was desperate to see Henry and talk to him. Not tell him to go watch TV while I unloaded the dishwasher. It was like I was meeting him for the first time. I wanted to know everything about him. I wanted to hear his voice talk to me all day instead of constantly saying “okay” and “yes I heard you” in a rushed tone for the hundredth time as I’m busy doing something else that can wait. When he is going off to college am I really going to remember how clean my kitchen was while it meant sacrificing time with my son? My firstborn, the one who made me a mother, my precious boy who acts out only because he wants more time with me. buy tegretol online no prescription

{November 2013, 17 months old}
{January 2014, 19 months old}


{April 2014, 22 months old}
I’m sure it’s normal to focus more energy on one child than other at different times in their life. Obviously a baby that cannot do anything on her own requires more attention than a toddler who is self sufficent. As sad as it is that Evelyn is getting older, it does make me happy that she is becoming a little more independent: she can play on her own, keep her attention on things and feed herself (for the most part). Now I can put more focus and energy back into Henry who I honestly feel kind of got a little shafted this past year. Having a newborn and working full time up until August was a huge adjustment for him and us. Before Evelyn came I was able to give him constant one on one time. Adding another baby to the mix definitely changed our dynamic and it changed me. I feel like I became shorter and angrier with him over the smallest things. Instead of taking deep breaths and talking to him I was quicker to yell or scold. Instead of spending quality time with him I was so focused on Evelyn that my husband became his primary caregiver. I know the old saying when you have more than one child: divide and conquer. buy tenormin online no prescription
But really, I was only taking care of Evelyn while my husband did everything for Henry. As I sit typing this and thinking back to the past year I have been hit with major mom guilt. My 2016 word of the year is balance and as I’ve been thinking about balance this last month, it’s hit me that I need to balance more time with Henry. A good friend said to me last night “they’re only little once and I want my kids around me as long as possible before they get bigger and start school” which is totally true. Instead of me wishing for time to pass thinking “I can’t wait until Henry starts Pre K” or “When he turns 4 I hope it’s better than 3 has been,” I need to embrace everything about him and try to cherish every moment we have together. I never knew motherhood could be this emotionally hard. Fussy babies, screaming tantrums, sleepless nights .. that I can deal with. It’s the emotional side that gets me, and it’s the emotional side that can make me a better mother. The days are long but the years are short. Today I will slow down, smile, and enjoy it. buy tricor online no prescription

{May 2015, almost 3 years old}

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