Santa … I Know Him!

Nothing is more exciting then seeing your kids excitement and fear when they meet Santa every year.  I always secretly hope that I’ll get a picture with a screaming child. This was the second year my evil wish came true since sweet Evelyn hated Santa. We saw two different ones this year and her hatred toward the big man only multiplied since her first visit on November 1. Henry on the other hand loves Santa, especially this year. He is not frightened in the least bit and needs no coaxing from me. There was a moment after the below pictures were taken where he and Santa were sharing m&m’s by the fireplace. He has definitely come a long way since he was 18 months and had the best crying Santa picture ever (see last image). The holidays are way more fun when there are kids in your life to celebrate with and see everything through their eyes and this has been by far the best season yet. buy alesse online alesse no prescription
From 2013 <3

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25 Books of Christmas



I am so excited to start the 25 books of Christmas tonight! Henry loves reading and he is loving Christmas this year so I know it’s going to be so fun for him. This year I chose to wrap all the books like I’ve seen from friends because I think it makes the experience more enjoyable. Plus, I love to wrap presents and Henry loves to open them. Not knowing which book he will choose adds to the excitement. I purchased all the wrapping paper I used at Target on clearance last year and surprisingly the wrapping took less than an hour. Below is our list for the year. I think in years to come it will be fun to collect new holiday books for both kids and really build a collection we can pass down. buy glucophage online glucophage no prescription


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This year will be Evelyn’s first Christmas. She will be about 11 + 1/2 months old at the time which means she still will not have any clue what is happening and will be more interested in eating wrapping paper and taking ornaments off the tree. With that being said, we aren’t going too crazy with presents. Her birthday is also in early January so that means more gifts just a few weeks after Christmas. We will be filling her stocking with some smaller items since she chews on everything and loves to carry things that fit into her tiny hands. Lately it’s been hot wheels and legos so I think it’s about time to add some actual teethers and girly toys to the mix. Throw in an adorable bonnet and the cutest shoes around, and I can cross this kiddo off my list. I wrapped her first gift tonight and got a little misty eyed. This year has flown by, as they tend to do once you have kids, and most of her “first” holidays are almost over. This holiday season we are really trying to maximize the experience and do as many festive activities as possible.  buy grifulvin online grifulvin no prescription



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a 3 year old’s christmas list

This year Henry is at the age where he understands who Santa is and what he does. Anything he sees on TV, he asks for. And I mean anything. From a Minnie Mouse Kitchen set to a bag of Doritos. The hardest task has been trying to explain that Santa cannot bring him everything he sees on television. No matter how tempting they make Daisy’s Sour Cream look.
We saw Santa a few weeks ago … on November 1. The day after Halloween at 10:45am. I know that is so crazy but it was the only weekend available until December 20. Henry specifically asked Santa for two things: the Paw Patroller and a Miles Stellosphere. I’ve mentioned before that he is obsessed with “taking people to jail” and calling the fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and helicopters whenever something happens (like when his baby sister breaks his lego tower). Speaking of, legos are his main jam right now. Those and cars are pretty much all he plays with. This year we are sticking with much fewer toys. I’ve picked up a few Paw Patrol toys and movies from a local BST moms group that we will have displayed out as Santa gifts. Other than that we will be keeping his gifts at no more than 10 items since there are still a few things from last year that he has never played with. I cannot believe Christmas will be here in just six weeks! buy aygestin online aygestin no prescription

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Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend was jam packed and so much fun, and it really put me into the Christmas spirit. Friday night we took it easy and Jan made an incredible dinner (pan seared steak with Morimoto’s famous sauce and some Bok Choy) and we watched our favorite show Grimm. Saturday we were up bright and early, as usual, to head down to the Westside to do some holiday shopping and have lunch. It was so fun to get out of the suburbs and experience city life. This is hands down one of our new favorite spots. It is super kid friendly and so unique. We stopped by the Tinsel and Twine event to get some stocking stuffers and take pictures with Santa. Henry didn’t cry this time, yay! It was the most amazing set up and everyone was so friendly. It is going on next Saturday too so those in Atlanta should check it out. Afterwards we hit up Jack Spade, Seed Factory (which Henry was obsessed with. We got him some nice wooden toys for Christmas) and Simplyput Paper. The weather was pretty chilly so it made for a good holiday vibe (it would be weird to shop for Christmas gifts in 72 degrees weather like we had on Friday). After some shopping we ate some yummy mexican food at La Fonda and then headed back home for some naps and to prepare for dinner.

We had our friends and their seven month old little boy over for dinner Saturday evening and I was super proud of Henry for practicing his sharing skills. To be fair, each time he shared a toy he would later take it back but we’re making progress! Sunday we had some other friends over for brunch with their little boy too. He and Henry are only 5 days apart and I am pretty sure they are gonna be bff’s and future heartbreakers/troublemakers. Jan and I love hosting and entertaining and it was the first time we could bust out the Christmas dishes and festive paper straws. We made a mini feast which included french toast, ham/egg/onion/pepper cups, fruit, scrambled eggs, sausage and some homemade bread courtesy of our friends. I may have eaten myself into a food coma. Since it was a rainy Sunday both the boys wore their Christmas jammies and looked too cute for words. I was wishing I had twin boys. My husband was not.

The rest of Sunday we enjoyed Christmas movie by the fireplace and I was even able to get a few hours of work in. This week I start 3 full days in the office with Henry going to daycare 3 days too. I hope he adjusts well and I hope I don’t miss him too much. Here’s to another week! 

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25 Books of Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching I have felt the need to get into the spirit a little ahead of schedule (meaning, before Thanksgiving). We had our Santa pictures taken at Phipps Plaza last week and Henry also had some taken at school a few weeks ago. ABC Family started their 25 days of Christmas and I have decided this is a good time to start our countdown as well. I have been seeing on blogs and instragrams that families are doing the 25 books of Christmas, reading one different Christmas themed book each night. This is such a great idea and I am so glad Henry is finally into books because I know he will really enjoy them. The books I have selected are a mixture of old and new. Some were found by my good friend Josie at her local thrift store and others were purchased on Amazon and at Target. One of my favorite bloggers, Lesley Graham, recently posted about wrapping the books up and opening one each night {see her post about it here}. I am definitely doing that next year with Henry. It will be such a surprise not knowing which book he will draw. We don’t have a full set of 25 books yet but I am thinking we can add more next year. Here are the books on our list and ABC Family’s Christmas Countdown schedule! 

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Five Things Friday

Hard to believe another week has passed and we’re at the weekend again! I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is 6 days away. We are celebrating at my grandmother’s house with my whole family and some family friends (there will be 15 of us so it will definitely be fun). The weather here in Atlanta has been so chilly and pleasant and I am reminded about how much I love having a fireplace. We light fires almost every night in our house and sometimes even eat dinner by the fireplace. It’s so cozy and almost feels like we’re “breaking the rules” a bit in our home, but that’s what the holiday’s are about right?  So glad this cold weather is sticking with us! Here are some of my favorite fireplace essentials to help you build the perfect fire. 

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