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If you’ve been following along for a while than you know that I love hosting. Whether it be a girls night, throwing a party, or having guests stay with us, I love prepping for friends and family. With two kids, two dogs, and two cats, our house definitely gets hit with different odors on a daily basis. That means I am doing laundry or cleaning every single day and when we have guests come to visit, I go into overdrive. Luckily throughout the years I have found some tried and true methods that help me be guest ready in under 30 minutes! Here is what I do every time before we have guests come stay with us! It’s helps me tremendously and I hope it’ll help you too!

Enlist your kids to help you! My kids are still young, but that doesn’t mean they can’t start helping with light chores around the house. Picking up odds and ends or practicing folding towels for a guests arrival is a great starter chore. Children don’t need to do any heavy lifting or cleaning with household products that aren’t safe, so try and enlist there help other ways. It’ll not only help you but teach them hospitality and responsibility!  My kids love putting on fresh clean sheets the most!

Smells Be Gone! Our guest room isn’t used on a daily basis, so sometimes the air can get a little stale. The day before a guest arrives, I always open all the windows to let in some fresh air. After cleaning and prepping the bed, I add one of my favorite scents! Febreze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender and Linen & Sky scents smell like a dream. They are pleasant without being too over the top. I picked mine up at Sam’s Club for such a great deal ($14.98, 4 refills + 2 warmers). While the others* fade fast, these last 1200 hours on the low setting and don’t just mask, but truly clean away odors! I plug one into the guest bedroom, living room and foyer to make sure the house smells clean and cozy!

Accessories! I have new toiletries, medicine, snacks, and even a coffee station with different coffee pods and tea. I want my guests to feel as at home as possible, so I try and think of things I wish I had when traveling and never want them to feel embarrassed by having to ask for something.

Entertainment– We have a mounted TV in the guest room equipped with a Roku which has Amazon, Netflix, and several sports channels. In addition to plenty of movies and shows, I always stock the room with new magazines depending on the guests interests. There are some books, a sound machine and a bluetooth speaker. Like I mentioned above, I want guests to feel like they are in their home when they stay at mine!

Do you have any guest tips you use to make clothes and sheets smell good? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to visit a Sam’s Club to purchase the Febreze Plugs so you can create your perfect home ambiance and keep it smelling lovely & odor-free for up to 45 days!

*Leading pluggable’s top scents, Nielsen sales 2017
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