The One Item you Need when Traveling with Kids

Raise your hand if you’ve ever traveled with a baby or toddler and had to set up a pack n play in a bathroom or closet? That has been my life for over 5 years. Since the age of 6 months, both of my kids have always slept in their own beds, in their own rooms. To this day they still use black out shades because hello, nap time needs to happen in this house. One thing they each have always been amazing at is sleeping, and that is because sleep is so good to me. We’ve always practiced healthy sleeping habits and taught them to be great sleepers from an early age. That was always the case until we went on vacation. Since both kids liked having their own dark, quiet space, you can imagine how setting up a pack n play in the corner of a hotel room just didn’t work. It took hours for them to fall asleep since there was so much visual stimulation. My husband and I were trapped in dark silence and couldn’t even watch TV or iPads because the light would wake both kids up.  Needless to say, our trips when the kids were younger were few and far between solely for that reason. I wasn’t going to pay a boat load of money for vacation and be too tired and cranky to enjoy it.

Fast forward to this summer when I was introduced to an amazing product that I would have sold a kidney for to have years ago: The SlumberPod. Let me tell you why this is going to be a game changer in so many ways. With the SlumberPod, traveling just got a whole lot easier. Not only does the pod easily fold up, but it comes in a small, easy to transport bag that weighs less than my purse. It can fit in a suitcase, a duffle carry on bag, and even hang from your stroller. The SlumberPod is a bottomless canopy that fits over a standard sized travel crib or play yard. It’s made of breathable, dark fabric which creates an optimum sleep environment. It comes equipped with a baby monitor pouch, is outfitted with ventilation windows and most importantly, SAFE. The SlumberPod has passed applicable consumer product safety tests. Sleeping with your baby or toddler in the same room on vacation just got a whole lot easier.

I’ve spent many years buying and cosigning gently used baby gear and I can see the SlumberPod having a great resell value, just like pack n plays and strollers do. There’s nothing worse than spending a ton of money on baby gear only to realize two months later that it may be tough to recoup the money (I’m looking at you pricey C-Section Bassinet). This is a product that will pay for itself after your first vacation, I can guarantee you. It will last through several kids and can be sold to a new mama once yours grow out of the pack n play stage. The SlumberPod launches a Kickstarter campaign that goes live on Tuesday, July 24. When these come to market later this year, they will be $149.99 and available to purchase on Amazon and through the SlumberPod website. However, you can get yours delivered in August or September (depending on shipping selection) for 10% off when you preorder on Kickstarter. For $119 plus shipping you’ll be on your way to planning vacations left and right with this saving grace sleep accessory. (For those who act early when the pre-sale campaign launches, there will also be early bird specials at a $90 price point!) Want to see the SlumberPod in action? Check out these videos! I’ve never been more excited to go on vacation with my kids than I am now since I have a SlumberPod. Now I can finally make memories with my family instead of being a zombie

*All pictures courtesy of SlumberPod*


  1. I need this in my life!! I just traveled with our toddler for the first time a couple weeks ago. She’s an excellent sleeper at home but being away from home with her was a nightmare in the sleep department. She absolutely refused to sleep without me. She’s never once in her 14 months of life slept with my husband and I but for some reason this trip, she just didn’t want to be away from me. Even across the room in a pack n play. It was horrible. We’re traveling with her again in September so I’m going to have to try this!!

    • Yes girl! You need this for sure! Both my kids sleep like angels at home too but not in another place! Make sure to check out their kickstarter so you can pre-order one! xo

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