The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Toddler Boys!

Henry will turn 4 1/2 three days after Christmas. He loves what most boys love at this age: Ninja Turtles, Robots, Hot Wheels and make believe. For Christmas this year I have tried to only select things which I know will last him a while and that also don’t have 1,342 pieces (since they will be lost within a few days!) I’ve rounded up something unique for every toddler boy in this guide, so let’s get shopping! 

1. Magnetic Farm Truck – Like most boys, mine loves anything that moves. This wooden, hand painted truck is simply adorable. I love how all the pieces are magnetic so they don’t fall off when your child is pushing it across the floor. I cannot tell you how many times Henry has been frustrated when his people fall off their vehicles. Anything that can prevent toddler meltdowns is a win in my book! $40

2. Space Station Tent & Tunnel – This is going to be a special Santa present to Henry. Since it will need to be opened and set up prior to Christmas morning, it’ll already be ready for him when he comes down to the living room. What most attracted me to this were the four tunnels attached to the space station. I love that the kids will be able to enjoy this together and Henry and his friends can use on playdates too.   $139

3. Robot Backpack & Cup – Come January, Henry will be in desperate need for a new backpack. The one he has been using since August is getting so ratty and worn. Since he loves Robots, this backpack and matching cup will be perfect for school and lunch. $33, $25

4. Crayola Emoji Maker – Can I just put it out there that I have enjoyed this as much as Henry has. From mixing the colors to assembling the markers and stamps, it was so much fun to make all the emoji stamps. We got to spend some one on one time together playing with this while Evelyn napped. It is the perfect rainy day activity too. And you can’t beat the $15 price tag.

5. Barked Tree Building Blocks – When Henry was around 16 months old, he really started showing signs that he was a child who loved to stack and build. I am so glad that this still interests him. These wonderful handmade blocks are perfect for gross motor skills and expanding their imagination and creativity. Definitely a must for all the future architects out there! $30

6. Space Plush Toy Set – Just like the Fairy Cottage and Castle featured in my girl gift guide, this one is from the same amazing brand, Oskar & Ellen. Henry is learning all about space and planets in school and this set will really let his imagination run wild. $40

7. TMNT Battle Truck Construction Set – You may remember that Henry had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed party for his 4th birthday. He has been obsessed with all things TMNT for nearly a year now and is going to flip his lid when he opens this. If you have a ninja turtle lover in your life, this is the gift for them! $33
8. Wooden Parking Garage – I showed this to Henry a few months ago and he literally spent 30 minutes staring at the pictures and watching the video. I’ve probably said the phrase “You better stop hitting your sister or else Santa is not going to bring you the parking garage!” over two thousand times in the past few months. Since he already has so many different cars, this will be the perfect addition to collection and I know he will love lining them all up in their parking spaces. $109
Do you have a favorite toy I’ve listed above? I would love to hear what you would get for your little man! Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Aww I love all of these! Now you're making me wish I was having a boy ? Although who am I kidding – I would have loved these as a kid!

  2. Lots of fun toys! My little boy will be 3 in March and for Christmas we're getting him a really cute Fisher Price 2-in-1 play garage. He's going to flip!