Bone Marrow Soup

Okay okay, that sounds gross I know. I got all excited when I was making my soup and texted my mother only for her to text back “Ugh! That sounds disgusting!” But seriously, it’s delicious and so good for you (more on that later). I have been inspired lately by one of my friends and fellow mommy’s to start branching out on Henry’s diet and trying more food. Hanna is such an amazing cook and is always coming up with new and original recipes. (Henry and her daughter are similar in the fact that they can eat like nobody’s business). She has a wonderful blog where you can find all of her tasty creations here. One of the recipes she told me about was a bone marrow, radish and leek soup (Whole Foods did not have the type of radishes needed to they are omitted in this recipe). Leeks have a high amount of Vitamin K & A and are easier to digest than onions. Bone marrow is packed full of protein, calcium, and iron and is great for brain development. Read more about the benefits of Bone Marrow here and here

Step 1: Clean & Chop Leeks. Cut off the root of the leek and the very top green ends (which are usually torn). Separate each leaf from the stem, cut lengthwise and wash throughly. Leeks are very dirty and mine had a little bit of wet mud in between the the leaves. Once washed and patted dry with a paper towel, chop finely. 

Step 2: Dice Onion. You will notice in my picture that my onion did not get chopped that finely. Mostly because I was tearing up so bad you would have thought I was watching Beaches and Steel Magnolias simultaneously. But it’s cool because we are just using them for flavor. 

Step 3: Put all ingredients into crock pot and fill with water. Add in 6 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. Cook on low for 8 + hours. The longer the better because the water will soak up all that marrow. I actually cooked mine for 14 hours. 

Step 4: After cooking, drain in a fine mesh strainer or with cheese cloth. There should not be any chunks of meat, marrow, onion, etc. You only want the soup. (side note: I gave the bones to my doggies after they cooled). 

Step 5: Serve as a soup or over rice. I poured the soup over rice and spoon fed it to Henry. He LOVED it (but really, there isn’t much this kid doesn’t like). I keep the soup in a tupperware container in the fridge and heat up when ready. I also freeze portions as well. 

**You will know you have gotten all the marrow out of the bones if you soup congeals in the fridge.**

This will last all week and since Henry likes it so much, I am thinking about serving it to him daily. Another upside? This was super cheap to make. I bought all the ingredients for just under $17. Here is how the soup looked once it was in the fridge overnight, so you have a reference. 

I hope your little ones like this as much as mine did! xo

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