Weekend Wrap Up

As usual we are so bummed that our weekend and family time is over. We had a lot of fun together and took advantage of the great weather. We headed down to the the High Museum of Art for our first stop on Saturday. The kids have never been to the museum before and Henry definitely loved it (especially running up the ramps to the top floor). They have a kids room which was all decked out with Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus actives and books. We have been reading those books to Henry lately so he got a huge kick out of seeing the bus in real life. I can’t wait to take them back in April when the Eric Carle exhibit is going on!




After the museum we headed to Piedmont Park so the kids could run out some energy since they had to be so collected and quiet in the museum. The park was definitely a popular spot since the weather was so nice but after Henry decided to jump in a huge muddle of mud and get his shoes soaking wet we thought it would be best to grab some lunch (and booze). We have drove past Henry’s in midtown on numerous occasions and always wanted to go there for obvious reasons and Henry loved it. He kept telling the staff and patrons that his name was also Henry and then spelled it for everyone. The food was incredible and we will definitely be going back. buy singulair online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/singulair.html no prescription



On Sunday we ventured out to Mac Lab Bakery, which is known for their beautiful and tasty macarons. I had come across them on instagram and was pleasantly surprised they were close to us. We got there right when they opened which seems to be the norm when you have kids. The last thing you want to do is show up when a place is packed and you have a toddler and baby screaming and throwing food on the ground. Needless to say they were all amazing (and they are all gluten free and non GMO). The Nutella was my favorite of course and it was hard to pick one. If you are in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend checking them out, you will not be disappointed. buy symbicort online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/symbicort.html no prescription



Here’s to another week! The weather is supposed to be beautiful here and we’ve got some fun playdates planned to keep us busy. I hope everyone has a great one! buy synthroid online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/synthroid.html no prescription


scenes from our weekend

This girl is a bona fide crawler and is always on the move. She pulls up on everything and wants to walk so badly.  I do not think I am ready for two walkers. Baby proofing the house again is in full force. 
We took pictures with Anna Little and I snuck in a few of my handsome boy before we got started. I cannot wait to get them back. Her style is so unique and she’s always able to get the best candid shots. 
{shirt is Hatch for Kids}

A last minute trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s so this wild boy could run around and play. They have really good pizza. It’s trouble. 

Do not go to Jo-Ann’s on a Saturday if you are looking to quickly get some fabric. You will be waiting in line for hours painfully listening to women ask the employees how to knit a hat for their dogs. 
Despite some rain on Sunday, the weather was beautiful and feels like Fall which is what I wait all summer for.  An early dinner at Bar Taco was so good and I am still craving their margaritas. 
I had to unstrap this baby beast within 10 minutes because she was killing my back. I definitely missed those newborn Solly days where she weighed under 10 lbs and could snuggle up all cute to my chest. Can we go back 7 months? 


The past 2 weekends we’ve started leaving the house once the kids are awake to explore new parts of Atlanta. We live and work in the suburbs and don’t get much time to head to the “big city” so we’re trying to make an effort to explore more Atlanta neighborhoods and their surroundings. Our first trip was to Historic Roswell, where my husband and I met, rented our first house together and got married. If we could choose somewhere in the north Atlanta area to live, Roswell would be it. Aside from all the memories we have there, it is up and coming with tons of new construction yet still keeping the historic elements. Henry loved walking running up and down the quaint streets and trying to open all the doors of every restaurant and shop we passed. 

This past Sunday we headed about 20 miles south to the Inman Park area with a stop first at Paris on Ponce. They have the most beautiful painted brick walls which are like a work of art in themselves. I knew I had to get some pictures of the kids in front of them. Henry’s favorite part was waving to all the bikers and joggers on the Belt Line and yelling “good job!” as they ran past. We visited Krog Street Market for a cookie break and to sit in the AC for a bit. Even at 10am, Atlanta is hot and humid as hell. There are some amazing murals down the street done by artist Greg Mike, who I had never heard of but am now obsessed with his work. Henry kept referring to squiggly one as bath bubbles. (what). The big cat face was my favorite and I am wondering how I can convince my husband to have that recreated on our bedroom wall … 

Already thinking of our next adventure! 

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