How We Keep Kitty Smells at Bay

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Being a mom to humans and pets can be exhausting. Some days I feel like I need four of me. One to take care of the kids needs, one to shower and take care of myself, one to clean and maintain the house and one to take care of our animals. I welcome any type of product that can help make my life easier. Enter the Litter Genie® Cat Disposal System. Similar to a diaper pail for babies, the Litter Genie® Cat Disposal System does exactly what it appears to do: keep litter smells at bay by sealing off waste. Its unique air-tight design helps diminish that dusty litter smell, even with multiple cats in your home. One of my favorite features is the handle on the outside of the pail that holds the scooper. As a busy stay at home mom, I need all the convenience I can get!  Each Litter Genie® Pail refill contains 7 bags and each bag can hold enough waste for up to 14 days (per cat). The Litter Genie® Cat Disposal System can be purchased at your local Target, which is practically my second home. Evelyn loves shopping in the pet section because of the large pictures of cats and dogs (if you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that she is cat obsessed). buy levaquin online no prescription


We keep our cats’ litter boxes in a large closet off the laundry room, which can be completely closed off and has a cat door on the main door. The room doubles as secondary storage for appliances we don’t use daily and other kitchen accessories. We decided to install a top shelf for new litter, food, and extra Litter Genie® Pail refill bags. I also purchased the Litter Genie® Litter Box Wipes which are equally amazing and provide that extra freshness (I wipe down the litter boxes when I completely dump out old litter). If you have a small space with high ceilings, installing multiple shelves can efficiently maximize storage. Our space is 43″ wide so my husband cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and hung it on brackets. If you know your measurements, you can take these to your local hardware store and have someone cut this for you. Or if you’re a badass, you can also do this yourself. buy levothyroxine online no prescription


There are only 5 materials needed for this project:
1. Plywood
2. Brackets (2) and Screws
3. Curtain or Tension Rod (purchased at Target)
4. One Curtain Panel (purchased at Target)
5. Iron Adhesive Tape*
*This is optional if you want to have a finished hem. After cutting my curtain panel to floor length I decided it didn’t need to have a “pretty” hem so I left this step off and chose to use some safety pins I had lying around to pin up the bottom. Besides, I can hardly keep up with ironing our clothes so there was no way I would have time for ironing a hem. buy naproxen online no prescription
Step 1: Measure the width of your walls and cut or have plywood cut to your measurements.
Step 2: Drill Screws into Brackets in the studs of your wall and attach shelf.
Step 3: Measure up to the bottom of your shelf. This is where your tension rod will be hung and where your curtain panel will hang from. You want the panel to lightly drape the floor. Add in 2-3 inches to this measurement only if you will be creating a hem. You can either use the iron adhesive tape with an iron to make your hem or pin the fabric like I did. Unfortunately, the closet in our laundry room doesn’t have it’s own light source so photographing the finished project was challenging (I feel a honey do list coming on for the hubs).



You know what was so awesome about this project? I was able to finish it during nap time! It only took 30 minutes to accomplish all five steps. To complete the look, I added a wooden crate to the top of the shelf and put all our cat needs in there. Food, Litter Genie® Pail refill bags and the Litter Genie Wipes. Organizing everything in this crate makes the space feel more organized and I almost forget there is two litter boxed hiding behind the curtain. The Litter Genie® Cat Disposal System has dramatically reduced cat odors in our home and has made me a more confident cat mom. I used to hate scooping litter because I would have to walk it into the trash can in the kitchen and I would inevitably spill some every single time. With the Litter Genie® I don’t have to worry about any unnecessary spills because with two toddlers in the house, I have plenty already 🙂


How do you keep your pet smells at bay? I would love to hear what works for you!



First Birthday Recap Part 2

I finally get to share the best part of the party: Miss Evelyn. I am totally biased but I cannot get over how freaking cute she looked in her pink flutter dress, cat shoes and custom party hat. Girlfriend totally rocked it. A lot of her friends came in their best cat themed attire and really got into the spirit of the party. All the little girls looked so cute sitting sweetly and eating together. Definitely different than any of Henry’s birthdays or whenever toddler boys get together. Come to think of it, I don’t even think I have ever seen Henry sit down and quietly eat a meal the way the girls did. It was really so heart warming! buy strattera online no prescription







There were four crafts that I made for the party. The first was the chalkboard with the instagram hashtag. By no means am I a chalkboard artist and my three year old could do better at freehand writing than I could, so I took the route of indirect tracing. I followed this tutorial and chose my fonts, set up the wording in photoshop and printed on my everyday printer. Going back in and tracing each letter and filling them in took about two hours and I was able to accomplish it during nap time. buy abilify online no prescription


DIY project two were the felt meow banners. There isn’t a tutorial I followed for this, and I think they are pretty self explanatory. I just looked at a banner we already have and loosely went off of that. Start with cutting your triangle then trace and cut out your letters. Glue those on (I used spray adhesive which is messy as shit so don’t buy that) and then cut the 4 short strips and 1 long strip to complete the side and bam: You just made a banner. buy Cymbalta online no prescription


The goody bags were so much fun to put together. I bought the mini canvas tote bags on amazon (vendor list below) and had planned to iron on the letters. However I could not by the single letters I needed since they all came in a pack of 26 and who the hell needs 20 left over Z’s anyway. So I decided to stencil and paint them. I used the same stencil I did to cut out the MEOW felt letters above and then outlined them directly onto the bags using a fabric sharpie, followed by painting in each letter with black fabric paint. Since the bags were canvas they soaked up most of the paint as soon as I started painting, making it almost impossible to spread the paint easily. No joke, this project took longer than anything else but it saved me money and I love how they turned out.


Making the cat masks was new for me but after looking at a few pictures on Pinterest I thought I would give it a shot. I ordered a cat mask from Party City and used that as my template to trace out the mask shape. Using left over felt from the meow banners I cut out rounded triangles for the ears (I kept drawing the shapes until I liked one and used that as the template for the rest). Same goes for the glitter noses, except that is just glitter card stock, not felt. Not pictured is the elastic which hold the masks on. Using the original elastic from the party city cat mask, I measured my elastic the same length. Then I used a nail to make holes on the side so the elastic would feed in. Tie two small holes to keep it in place and voila! Super easy and you could do this for any kind of mask you wanted to make.


I hope you enjoyed all of my pink squares in your instagram feed these past 10 days! I will definitely miss that color all over the house but I’m sure my husband won’t 🙂 Be sure to check back in tomorrow to see Evie’s smash cake session and to enter a super fun giveaway for your next party!


Vendor List on this Post
Goody Bags:
Nail Polish
Mini Party Hat: Little Blue Olive
Kitty Ballet Flats: Target, in store only
Pink Flutter Dress: Gap
Pink + Gold Confetti Balloons: Lola’s Confetti Shop
High Chair Tassel: Target Valentine’s Day Section
Best Day Ever Balloons: Betsy White
Globe Lights: Target
Mini Pink Christmas Tree: Hobby Lobby after Christmas sale (for $4!)
Photographs by the wonderful Cynthia Hernandez Photography


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