Christmas Gift Guide for Mama’s

Without further delay, my favorite roundup of gifts for all the mommies! A large chic tote bag to carry everything from lip gloss to diapers. Lounge pants because who are we kidding? Moms LIVE in lounge wear. The most comfortable socks to hide your in-need-of-a-pedicure feet. Fingerless gloves so you can still text your friends telling them what obscenity your toddler just yelled in the grocery store. Rain boots aka easy shoes to slip on when you’re wrangling kids and rushing out the door. A candle to make your rushed 5 minute shower feel like a spa day. A festive coffee mug for your sixth second cup of joe to keep you going until bedtime. Fun headphones for the gym (HA) or to block out the sound of a crying baby. A hair brush designed for thinning hair since having kids makes you go bald. And last but not least, a classic red lip pencil for the 3 date nights you get a year 🙂 Merry Christmas to all the mama’s out there. May Santa bring you lots of sleep and champagne. buy premarin online premarin no prescription
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