two and a half update

This past Monday we took Henry for his two and a half year check up. (I still can’t believe I have a 2.5 year old and a 2.5 week old!) He has grown 1/2 an inch since his last appointment and gained two pounds. Ha, sounds like he’s taking after his mommy 🙂 Hopefully he will be tall like his daddy and not a shorty like me! Here are a few things that have his attention lately. 

Dance Parties: This kid loves to dance and listen to music. If we let him, that is all he would do. All. Day. Long. With the volume up as high as it could go. There is an old radio in our guest bedroom which he is literally obsessed with. He is always asking to do dance party and when we tell him he can’t, he acts like one of the deprived high-schoolers in Footloose. We had to hide the old radio since it has a power cord and half the fun to him is taking it around the house and plugging it in all the outlets, then dancing in every room. To avoid the forseeable tripping over the cord and tumbling down the stairs accident that would have no doubt happened, we bought him his own portable blue radio from Target which he can carry anywhere and is battery operated. I think that was a good idea? I will probably be kicking myself in the ass when he blasts it in the babies eardrum. But until then, it keeps him happy and he can get out some energy.  As if this latest obsession isn’t amusing enough, he always tunes the radio to 97.1 The River, which is classic rock. He has been getting down to Bob Seger, the Faces, Aerosmith and yesterday I caught him galloping around in circles to ‘D’Yer Mak’Er’.

Click here for a cute video of him dancing (and having so much energy right before bed time)

{admiring his new radio}

Outlets: Like mentioned above, this kid is still obsessed with outlets. He loves plugging in and unplugging different electronics and turning them on and off. He doesn’t stick foreign objects into the outlets, just cords, and then turning the device off an on. Maybe he will be a master electrician someday. 

Playgrounds: We finally took the plunge and purchased an outdoor playground/swing set for Henry. He has so many little toys already that we are running out of space in our house so we might as well invest in something he and his sister can use for a long time and can be kept outdoors. We went and checked out the sets this past weekend and ended up finding one that we all liked. The install date is mid March so that’ll give Jan enough time to work on clearing a spot in the back yard and time for the weather to get a little warmer.

{having a field day testing out playgrounds}

Power Wheels: My dad bought Henry a ford truck power wheels for Christmas and whenever he goes outside that is the first thing he wants to do. He really just goes around in circles right now with this blank look on his face which is so funny because he is obviously enjoying himself.

{out for a drive}

The word NO. Sitting still. Going to bed. Listening. 

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