2 Year Old Rambling

I haven’t done a monthly update post in a long time, but since Henry will be 2 1/2 next month, it seemed fitting to do one. I still can’t get over the fact that I have a toddler. This is the best time and the hardest. He is so adorable with all his new words, phrases and actions. He can imitate us just by seeing the slightest thing. {even the bad stuff!}
Here are a few of my favorites lately: 
Whenever he sees words written, he immediately tells me that they say “Henry” 
There are 4 songs he loves on the radio and asks for them back to back whenever we get in the car: Bang Bang, Boom Clap, Shake Shake and Cool Kids
He loves building train tracks and putting them together, more so than making the trains ride on the tracks. (Just like when I was little, my cousin and I would spend hours setting up our barbie houses and areas and then we would never play actual barbies).
Frozen is his favorite film. Sometimes when the days are long and I need a break, we watch it twice. He also loves Thomas, Noddy and Chica from the Sprout network. 
His classic one liners lately are: “I naked”, “I cute”, “I swimming”
He loves to list his favorite things that he did recently, starting with “how about”. And he always makes it sound like a question (as in, did I really do that Mom?) It could be the friends in his class, what he ate that day, or an activity we did a week ago. My favorite is when he lists his breakfast (and he hasn’t actually eaten all of these things for breakfast): “how bout sausage? how bout eggs? how bout coffee? how bout fruit loops?” how bout water-a-melon?” (disclaimer … we do not feed him coffee) 
He still loves to watch videos and look at pictures of himself. The side of our fridge is covered with Sticky Grams of just him and he will point at the pictures and tell me what he is doing “Henry sad, Henry night night, Henry playing” 
This brings me to his next thing: he refers to himself in the 3rd person a lot, and especially when he has to go potty on the toilet. He tells us “Henry potty toilet” as if we were confused?

This must have been learned at school in the last few days, because when I ask him questions lately he answers “No, I didn’t.” He likes to answer that especially when I ask him if he has fed his dinner to the dogs, gone to the bathroom in his diaper (we’re potty training) and if he’s ready for lunch.

This is definitely the cutest stage he is in now (and also the hardest!) but I love all the things he is learning and how he is expressing himself. 

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