Father’s Day Weekend

It’s really crazy how fast the weekends go by. Here I am writing this post and it’s already Tuesday night. I am also watching my cat take the baby outlet protectors out of the sockets with her teeth … Is that normal?! I always end up picking the “strange” animal out of the pack. Her, Henry and our two dogs really keep things exciting around here. If you can call it that. Also, let me say that I have been working on this blog post for over an hour … I am so easily distracted when it comes to writing. No wonder why it takes me so long, in between looking at new stamps on usps.com (why??), texting friends and scrolling through pinterest pinning recipes and crafts I will never do, it’s a surprise I get anything done in my free time at all. 
Friday evening we went on a double date with our friends to Studio Movie Grill to watch 22 Jump Street. It was so funny, however I think the first one has it beat (just a little!) Groupon usually has a deal where you can get a ticket for $6, nearly half of what tickets normally cost. And an added bonus is eating dinner/having drinks while watching a movie. Saturday we ran some errands and hit up another BBQ spot called Jim N Nicks. It was so good! I highly recommend it and it was toddler approved. Henry ruined his shirt with all the BBQ sauce and watermelon, but at least he ate! 

My husband and I didn’t do gifts for Mother’s/Father’s Day this year, just a card/flowers/small favors mixed with a nice relaxing day. Of course I cannot just give a card to my husband on any special occasion so I wanted to do a little something extra, but not over the top and not too much money. I found this plastic bucket in the dollar bin at Target and filled it with his favorite snacks, some fireworks and new boxers. Totally f’ing random, but he loved it! Plus, it’s the thought that counts right? 

After Jan read his cards and went through his goody basket, he decided he wanted to go to Waffle House for breakfast (which was just fine with me). The food is always good there and you always know what you’re getting. It’s great for a toddler too because they have basic items (eggs, sausage, toast). Speaking of toast, do you like how Henry is eating his with a fork? 

Following breakfast we went to a nearby park so let Henry run around before nap time and so we could walk off some of our breakfast calories. Henry’s new thing lately is to sit down immediately when he sees a large puddle/body of water, even when he is fully clothed. Needless to say he rode home pant less and was carried out of the park in a wet diaper filled with river water. I’ll be sure to tell him that story when he is sixteen. 

We ended our Sunday with Henry playing naked in his baby pool on our deck and drinking water from a hose. We keep it classy. 

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend! (and seriously, have you seen the new Johnny Cash stamp??)

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