Weekend Wrap Up

I had meant to post this on Monday but the flu hit our house big time. Friday my mom took Henry for an overnight so we could go out with some friends. My mom called Saturday morning to let me know Henry got sick during the night and Saturday morning, throwing up twice. Ugh! The first time since he was a baby. Poor bug. It stuck with him until Saturday night. Luckily it didn’t really affect his mood, it just made him extra sleepy. Since Jan and I didn’t feel sick, I thought we were in the clear. However on Sunday my mom called me to inform me that she got the bug too. Not long after that call, it hit Jan and me. worst.feeling.ever. It is so hard to be sick and also take care of a toddler, especially when both parents are hit at the same time. Sunday night we were up all night with the flu and thanks to daylight savings, Henry was up at 4am on Monday morning, in the midst of Jan and I feeling so awful. His preschool doesn’t do drop off until later in the morning and believe me those hours dragged out. I felt so bad that my body was so weak and sick that I couldn’t even hold him and hug & kiss him. We finally dropped him off at daycare after a car ride that seemed like forever (being in a car while nauseous is painful) and went home to get some sleep and try and recover. Jan started feeling better earlier than I did and was able to keep food down so he tended to me the rest of the day. So thankful for that! Monday night we went to bed at 8pm and slept until 6am the next day. Tuesday I woke up so refreshed and much better and was able to catch up on work and clean the shit out of our bedroom and house. I think I did 5 loads of laundry. Anyway, onto our weekend, which I think was pretty swell, aside from the flu. 
Friday night we joined some friends for a baby free dinner at Table & Main in historic Roswell. It was our first time there and the food was incredible. The menu was filled with southern food and drinks and everything I tried made me crave more. For appetizers we had Meatloaf Meatballs, Hog ‘n Quilts and Hush Puppies and for my entree I indulged in the shrimp in grits with gouda and tomato-bacon sauce. amazeballs. We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the crisp fall air and wonderful conversation with plenty of laughs. 

Saturday we played it low key since Henry was on the mend. After we had breakfast toddler free we headed to pick him up. We stocked up on our groceries for the week and did our meal planning (back on Paleo)! Sunday was so special because we got to see some old friends of ours and catch up. We started the morning with a fire since Henry woke up super early (WHY!!) and lounged around before heading to meet up with our friends. Nicole and Jason are such a wonderful couple and are very dear to us and we had a blast in Decatur eating at Raging Burrito, getting snow cones at New Orleans SnoBall Cafe and doing some shopping. 

Despite us being sick, our weekend was filled with good food and great company. Here’s to hump day and being on the mend! xo

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