Have you ever loved a piece of clothing so much that you wanted to buy it in every color? That is how I feel lately about peplum tops for little girls. I want them in every color and every size so ...

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  • Why Two Kids Are Enough for Me

    When did you know that your family was complete? Was it after one child? Two? After a boy and a girl? Growing up I always wanted 3 kids. Always. It wasn't even a question and I had even told my now ...

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    Why Two Kids Are Enough for Me
  • Robotic Vacuums – My New Best Friend

    I'm pretty sure the majority of people living on Earth would agree that they dislike cleaning. At any given time there are about 73 things I could be doing and vacuuming my floors is never one of ...

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    Robotic Vacuums – My New Best Friend
  • Toddler Girl Swimsuits Under $40

    I've had a unhealthy obsession with toddler swimwear since before my children were even born. I remember buying an adorable vintage looking one off Zulily while I was engaged and hoarding it until I ...

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    Toddler Girl Swimsuits Under $40

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Sibling Style: Our Daughters

Every once in a while a clothing brand comes along that stands for more than just pieces of fabric worn to cover you up. Our Daughters is a San Francisco based clothing label that does just that. A friend from high school recently started this line of beautiful shirts that fit babies through adult. What makes these tees different from your run…

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April Favorites

The closing of an old month calls for a new monthly favorites post and I feel like April went by in the blink of an eye. It’s been a busy month filled with a ton of fun adventures and outings and definitely my busiest month so far this year. I want to share with you some items I have discovered these past…

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Epic Desserts to Eat in NYC!

Have you ever run across a website, video, or Instagram post of an amazing dessert and thought to yourself “Man, I would LOVE to try this one day”? Of course you have, we all have! Yesterday a friend and I traveled to New York City for 24 hours just to check out some of these amazing places that have been all…

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A Visit to The Georgia Aquarium

Nestled in the heart of Atlanta is the incredible Georgia Aquarium. With more than 10 million gallons of water, it is the worlds second largest aquarium and the largest is the US. It’s also the only one outside of Asia to house whale sharks. No matter your age, the Georgia Aquarium is a magical place to experience. An average visit will run you about 2.5 hours, lunch…

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Family Travel Guide: Birmingham, AL

Escaping for a getaway doesn’t have to mean boarding an airplane and spending a fortune on travel. There are so many great cities close to Atlanta which are drivable. A few weeks ago we decided to make the short drive to Birmingham, AL. We left just after breakfast and arrived around lunchtime. It was such an easy drive on us…

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The Redmont Hotel, Birmingham

​A few weeks ago we decided to go on a little adventure to Birmingham. It’s not too far from Atlanta and made the perfect weekend getaway. ​We stayed at the oldest hotel in Birmingham- The Redmont. You wouldn’t know it was the oldest since it’s newly restored. The renovations were beautifully done, leaving original pieces of the hotel while updating…

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Diamond Swim Suits

With Henry turning FIVE this summer, I’m not sure how much longer I can get away with matching clothing for the kids. When I came across these diamond swim trunks and leotard, I legitimately lost my breath because I was so impressed by their cuteness. This was my first time purchasing from Rylee & Cru even though I have been…

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